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Allyson Seconds laughs at bad jokes, will help any animal in need and is passionate about both community & teaching.  BodyTribe co-owner and  Movement Coach for 12 years now, she also leads Iron Grrls, Sacramento’s premier drop-in weekly clinic for women to learn to lift.

Allyson also writes about this strength stuff, including this online wisdom throw-down about pullups: How Women Can Do Pullups. The Sacramento Bee decided to consult her about them, as well as body weight movements like the burpee (link to that article here).

And read her thoughts about women’s strength here.  

Something unique is about to go down in one of Allyson's Iron Grrls classes.

Something unique is about to go down in one of Allyson’s Iron Grrls classes.

Other gyms bring Allyson out to educate their trainers and staff.

Other gyms bring Allyson out to educate their trainers and staff.

An artist, musician, singer and highly skilled trainer, Allyson has a thorough background in a wide range of Physical Culture training, a skilled teacher of kettlebells, leverage clubs, Olympic lifting, and powerlifting, plus mobility and body weight movements. With the nickname “The Technician,” she’ll guide you to try things you weren’t sure you could do.

She has learned from a diverse group of coaches, from KB expert Mike Mahler to elite powerlifter Dave Tate, as well as CST coach Cody Fielding and former US weightlifting coach Jim Schmitz, PWA president Butch Curry and US Olympic gold medalist Tommy Kono. She is also a Bodytribe MoveLab educator, teaching workshops around the country.


Friendly, energetic and creative, she brings an art to the intensity of her workouts that never lacks in fun or empowerment. Al is a natural teacher and can make even the most intimidating movement or exercise become possible.

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Free one-hour consultations to chat and explore a couple of BodyTribe foundation movements are always encouraged! Fitness goals plus personal health & movement history is discussed, and what we offer at BodyTribe explained in detail.

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 Allyson’s Personal Training
$65 per hour
5-pack $60 per session
10-pack $55 per session, plus a free BodyTribe MoveLab Saturday Workshop.

Duo- and trio-training are available for similar rates, and small closed groups of 4+ friends are also available.


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