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Let’s reverse the order of these posts. Workout first, THEN the rant. Today will actually be a recovery day. Rest, or toy with something fun but without the intensity. Roll around a bit, practice your interpretive Dance of the Radish, or just get into a bar fight with a 5th grader.. But, ultimately, take the day off of intense movement.

But yesterday, since I didn’t post the workout, here it is:

Prepping for the CFT, we’ll embrace the overhead press. But for fun, we’ll add some bands.

Max overhead with bands. Mini or small bands work well. Like a bench or squat max, a handful of sub max sets for doubles of triples, until we’re in the land of singles, eventually finding our max.

Overhead from chains. Set the chains (or pins) where you find a major sticking point. Press from there. 5 sets of 3-5 reps.

Explosive Pushups Over Box/2-handed club lateral swing-mills, Tabata-style. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, alternating between the two for 8 total rounds (4 each). Refer to the video link at the top of this post to see what club exercise we’re referring to here.

Box pushups:




That’s it. Short, sweet, successful.


File under ‘gullible and easily confused public’: a search under the word ‘nutrition’ on Amazon brought interesting results. I predicted maybe 1,000 listings for books about the tricky subject, thinking that number alone is overwhelming and disturbing. Imagine my surprise when the number turned out to be 123,398. Yes, of course the number of ‘fitness’ listings is even higher (without mine being among them), since anyone who has touched a dumbbell or rolled around on a yoga mat suddenly thinks they’ve got something important to impart.

Nutrition fascination is a very American thing.  So is being super fat and blaming it on everything but ourselves. So quick the finger points to anything else but our over stimulated gullets and ridiculously high satiation levels. We’ll blame macronutrients, first fat and now carbs, we’ll blame genetics (do you really think your ancestors, back in whatever country you’re lineage is from, were fat?) or we’ll blame a disorder or disease (in my 13+ years as a trainer, with several thousand clients as a reference, I’ve only encountered one true case a thyroid problem), yet the finger simply has to point at our choices and habits.

Filling your pie hole successfully for a balanced, healthy lifestyle, is pretty simple and doesn’t require millions of pages from thousands of tomes to get the point across. If your food has a high level of naturally occurring fiber and nutrients, chances are it’s pretty good for you.  If it doesn’t, it probably isn’t. There are small exceptions. Certain fats may be beneficial, sans any fiber or lack of easily noticeable micronutrients. Same with proteins.  BUT if your meals are big collections of processed, nutrient-free (or nutrient-added) nightmares, then even an idiot like me can guess that you’re ingesting crap.

So fear no food.  Modern diets are confusing and contrary, going so far as to advocate avoiding fruit.  Keep it simple. If it is high in naturally occurring nutrients and fiber, eat it. Stop counting, stop weighing, just eat like a human, not an American.

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  • Zac

    What kind of sticking points are you finding on the overhead? I’m finding that where I’m sticking the most is about three or four inches past the bar’s resting point on my clavicle. This seems to be quite a contrast to my current bench sticking point – about 4 inches below my lockout.

  • chip

    Yep, right about eye level or so, then a second one when the triceps have to kick in heavily about 5 inches below lockout. Double sticking points suck.

    My bench sticks right off the chest. If I can clear the first 3 inches, I’m usually good.

  • Dan

    love the posts, love the style. Here is an offering from me. My aim was to have some fun and combine something ancient, something Russian, something heavy (32kgs) and take my life in my hands just for a minute.


    Dan Norman

  • chip

    Hi Dan. Take that act on the road!! I wonder if it’s been done with a hurdy gurdy.

    Nice job.

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