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Few things have taxed my max lifting capacity like a heavy Turkish Get Up. If I weren’t training for some upcoming meets, I’d be pushing the limits on the TGU, as well as the bent press and one armed snatch, with a frequency akin to changing my underwear. Not to deny the basics, as the power and Oly lifts are indeed from which to build the rest of our structure, but I love a good, multifaceted challenge, which the TGU can deliver with extra postage to boot (I’m not sure what that means, but it’s going to be my new tough-guy phrase. if I can get it into a popular rap song, I’ll know it will be an immortal adage. Your challenge today is to use the phrase “I’ll deliver, with extra postage to boot” in a sentence. Make sure it’s tough.). So here’s today’s workout:

Max TGU. Add a windmill at the top for an extra bonus.

The Carrying Combo: Hang Snatch/overhead walk/Full Clean/racked walk/Deadlift/farmer’s walk. 2 bars and a pair of FW handles. One bar for snatching, one for cleaning and then deadlift and carry the FW handles. Use your judgment for the weight, I won’t prescribe anything. BUT it should be a bit challenging, enough to make 6 reps slow ya down a little. So it goes like this:

Snatch: 6 reps, walk with the bar overhead 100 feet/Clean: 6 reps, walk racked for 100 feet/ Deads: 6 reps, carry the handles 100 feet. Repeat as many times as you can in 15 minutes. Yes, we have video of it (towards the end). By the way, if it is nice outside, take your gear outside and play!


Goin’ to Austin.

The second week in March will see way too many people converge on the small downtown of Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest Music Festival. The list of bands will take me hours of deciphering, but what I’m most excited about is the chance to get back into Hyde Park Gym and teach a workshop!


It’s a iron sanctuary,complete with platforms and squat racks galore, and I’m thrilled to be able to make new friends and hopefully leave a little Bodytribe lore within its walls. We’ll be discussing the spine and how to strengthen it without lying on the ground and emphasizing repeated bad posture through crunches or situps. We’ll be toying with the lifts of Yor, wherever that is, using the same techniques that made folks like Arthur Saxon solid foundations of spinal strength. When the strongest people throughout history rarely resorted to the floor-based nonsense we see perpetuated in most gyms, why shouldn’t we gleam a lesson or two from such examples?

By Friday night, I’m festivaled-out. Downtown Austin removes all chairs from their city during this week, making more room for the thousands of standing patrons in the hundreds of venues. Rarely will a venue have more than one band you’d want to see, so every hour it’s off to another venue to stand for another hour, repeated infinitum nauseum. By Friday night I ache for a chair, or curb or passed out sorority pledge to sit on, so if anyone has any ideas of what to do beyond this festival, please let me know.
If only I drank. Maybe that would help.


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  • Zac

    Are you playing at SXSW?

  • Dan

    Watch this guy!!

    I’ve never seen that much weight lifted that effortlessly!!

    Decided to have another go at the old 20 rep squat death march routine, with revised narrowness and looking down.

    Ass Master

  • Ken

    Austin will certainly welcome Chip, both at SXSW and Hyde Park Gym. In addition to SXSW there’s also South By South Lamar, the informal gatherings and gigs outside the official program, named for the main street many occur on – at Saxon Pub and the legendary Broken Spoke (Jim White’s policy is whenever Willie shows up, the stage is his).

    Just coincidentally, the Ransom Center – University of Texas’ archives – has a big exhibition on the Beats and influence of beebop on their poetry. Ransom center is home to San Francisco poet/poetry to jazz genius Kenneth Patchen. Exhibit includes audio presentations from the 50s in San Francisco.

    And not to be outdone, UT houses the Todd-McLean Physical Culture Archives, with 200,000 plus items the largest such collection in the world – including old time equipment to test Chip’s metal!

    best & Keep Austin Weird

  • chip

    Jan Todd and I are in dialog right now about visiting the Physical Culture Collection. I had no idea about the the Beat Poet exhibition. Since my band has 2 English professors in it, one with a doctorate in English lit, I’d better force them to take a field trip with me.

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