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Today’s workout is wonderfully simple:

deadlifts/pullups/sled tug. Descending sets:

10,8,6,4 etc for the intro version

10,9,8,7 etc for the hardcore.

EXCEPT for the sled tug, which will be cut in half. 10 deads = 5 sled tugs, 4 deads = 2 sled tugs. You get the idea. Keep the weight simple for now. 50% of max for deadlift, 75% bodyweight for sled tug.

And, of course, time it.


Recurring Dream #4:

Our innards are as visible as our flesh packet. Not unlike the several Cut Up-Asians shows that are touring the country right now, our machines are on permanent display, providing an open book of consequences for our choices for anyone to see. What isn’t clear in this dream is the social awareness of this blatant feedback aesthetic. Are we a little less likely to abuse our systems to our current extent if our insides spoke simple by being visible?. Would we be so quick to light up if our blackened lungs stared out at the world daily?

A quick trip to Doctor Snipsnip and a big bowl of cognitive dissonance are our current quick fixes for what ails our self esteems, so if veiling our poor choices were more of a challenge, would the ‘medical’ field simply be an anatomy factory, cranking out new innards for anyone with the ducats to swap old for new?

Or would we start to give a shit about ourselves, if at least to avoid public ridicule?

“Check out the nice open coronary arteries on her,” comments the construction worker between catcalls. “I’d like to feel the contractile impulse of THAT sinoatrial node!”


Wanna know what the heart does? Sure you do. A pox on the brittle-minded college student who wandered into the Bodies Revealed show scowling “ewww, this is gross.” Sorry, child, but that’s YOU, or at least a chemically enhanced dead Asian representation of you.

So, girlfriend, let start with the blood pump that takes this air we breath and adds it to our inner runny ketchup, so little oxygen packages can be delivered throughout the body. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE HEART.

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