Austin and Global Warming

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Quick workout at Hyde Park Gym (which you’ll read more about in a minute) today:

1-arm snatches/windmills. up to one rep max.

bent rows/hang cleans/jump squats/pullups. One bar (except for the pullups), 3 reps each, fairly heavy, and as fast as possible. 6 sets, with relatively short rest.


Bumpy flights are scary. And they seem to be more common than they used to. From terrifying hops from LA to Sacramento or the occasional roller coaster rides on longer jaunts from San Francisco to Hawaii, there seems to be more turbulence than there used to. Flying is not new to me. No world traveler or anything, but in my years I’ve seen a few airplanes in my time.

And the rides seem bumpier. I can’t bring myself to accept that fear is creeping into my old age, some sort of mortality check each time I step on a plane. No, this chicken of the air would rather blame the universal scapegoat for everything right now.

Global warming has increased air turbulence. That’s an excuse I can live with, so to speak.

Dialog at gym today:

(about to do pullups on a cage right next to the platform I was lifting from, while two guys were setting up to do squats or some such within said cage). Me: mind if I crank out one last set of pullups?

Meathead #1: Yeah. You’ve been hogging that platform that we’ve wanted to use all day, and now you want to use the rack we want? I don’t think so.

He’s desired platform was one of 4, each with a rack or cage attached, none of which they were waiting for, since they were busy bench pressing the entire time I was lifting. Meathead #1 apparently needed to piss on the equipment. I can’t claim that he is indicative of this gym, since the few other people there seemed friendly enough (especially Robin at the front desk), but tactless Neanderthals shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere.

So, Hyde Park, you’ll be seeing me again tomorrow, and at the workshop on Sunday. I’m hoping Meathead #1 will be marking his territory tomorrow so I can invite him to the workshop and then enjoy his reaction. It is easy to forget, once outside your tribal parameters, that there are behavior and ego patterns that seem contraindicative to the lubrication of a pleasant society. In other words, assholes can be anywhere.

Tomorrow I’ll also post some pictures of the South by South West music fest that we’re participating in.  I will now openly apologize to all Austinions for being partly responsible for the parking lot we’ve made of your freeways around downtown.  Don’t hate us for it.

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