Shrugging off Austin and getting back to work

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Clearing the dust off the limbs and brain, here’s the last two workouts:


Lunge buelers/sled drag. Heavy bueler’s 6-8 reps per side/heavy sled 200 feet (2 Bodytribe laps). 3 sets, very little rest.

KB Squat Press. 8-10 reps. 3 sets. Simple

Tire Flips/tire slams. 5 flips, 10 slams per side. FAST. as many rounds as necessary.



Strict Overhead Press. 4 sets for low reps. Heavy, but no max attempts today.

Pushup practice. Pick any pushup technique and practice it. Play time, try something new or intimidating. No other rules.

Sandbag Thrusts/burpees/2 hand alternating club mills. 7 of each (both sides for mills), as many times for 15 minutes.


Bats, Bands and BBQ

After dealing with shitty Austin gym members and the hustle and confusion of SXSW, Austin wasn’t winning points for congeniality or BFF status. But, while certain band members were Hancocking their new CD deal at the LBJ Library, I hiked a few blocks into the University of Texas campus to visit the infamous Todd-McLean Physical Culture Collection. After taking two wrong turns, I was lost. Dr. Kim Beckwith, a former student of the Todd’s at the university and now a teacher of strength and fitness herself, graciously took time out of her Saturday to offer her services as a tour guide of the collection, and here I was standing her up. I was deep annals of the campus, only to have a helpful security guard tell me I was significantly off course. Ya ever run a mile in slippers?

Dr. Beckwith, despite my slight tardiness and excessive sweatiness (it was about 90 degrees), became an ambassador for how nice Austin could be. Without knowing it, her warmth and enthusiasm not only connected me to the history of my chosen profession and passion, but I finally felt that Austin and I might get along after all. So thanks, Kim, and Jan and Terry Todd, for the opportunity to embrace a little bit of history. I’ll be back next year!

After teaching a Spine Strength workshop at Hyde Park Gym to a class of wonderful, grateful folks who were the complete antithesis of the asshole I dealt with 3 days before (and where was he? Scared?), another Austin institution beckoned. I had to see the bats! Austin’s Congress Street Bridge has the largest urban bat population in the world, over a million of them, and they all come out at dusk. You could watch an entire sitcom, plus commercials and the opening credits of another show in the length of time it takes them to all wake up and get moving. A steady 35-40 minute stream of bats come pouring out from hidden parts of this bridge and fill the sky with cloud that stretches as far as your eye can see. This finished off my Austin experience on a tremendous note. Even the rude guys at the pizza place I stopped at on the way to the hotel couldn’t turn me against this town at this point.


Outside at Twangfest 2008.

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