Peers for Fears

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Peers for Fears

Has this ever happened to you? I have my shaker cup, with dry protein powder and creatine in it, and I’m about to add some almond milk with a bit of OJ and my friend/band mate stares in wonder and then simply asks ‘why?’ What he means is ‘why, freak?’ Why this Herculean effort of eating well and lifting big pieces of iron? He sees some Sisyphusian work effort that drains all fun out of life. C’mon, it’s so much easier to embrace the inner sloth, take the body and it’s abilities for granted, and have a good time.


Now remember, this inquisition comes from someone who does fall under the moniker of ‘friend.’ Without feeling too holy and simply brushing his sneering curiosity away as an attack of pure envy, like someone threatened by my life choice and therefore must ridicule it, I’m always one for a little exchange of ideas. Intellectual banter, if you will. This is not the choir I’m preaching to, this will be a very real dialog with someone not of my physical subculture clan.

Who knows? Maybe I’m the one being silly and am truly missing out on many of life’s offerings through this eternal quest for physical empowerment?

Without relating verbatim a transcript of the event, let’s just say that some people embrace fitness, others don’t. We (the pursuers of the fit) ‘get it.’ It’s the lack of movement as a lifestyle that we don’t get. Well, my brethren, these folks from the other side exist, and all too often, they exist as people close to us, that we may share many other passions, experiences, stories or even beds with.

Wait… excuse me while I climb up onto the pulpit, dig my hands into the podium and stare feverishly down unto the congregation. Choir; back me up when you feel the need.

No, no, no. Sermons aren’t becoming. Nor is it our duty to drag our soapbox around in our gym bag. Leave it at the gym for your box squats. If anyone happens to notice the quality of your life and comment positively about it, then share the spirit. Expound on the tenets of fitness and how movement has increased your enjoyment of being. Otherwise it’s personal. It’s your path, and no one will share it with you if you try to ram it down his or her throats.

Now there’s a task. Live it, don’t preach it. Then at least you are true to the person that matters most, while still being an example for the tribe.


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  • Katie Mae

    It’s nice when your able to make even a small positive influence on someone. I was eating some sprouted whole grain bread with natural sugar free peanut butter for a snack one day, my co-worker saw me and decided to eat a healthier snack than she had originally intended. Not a huge thing but it all adds up, specially’ when she started asking me questions about my workout and felt compelled to walk more…

  • chip

    Perfect example of how we can influence our ‘tribe.’

  • Margie

    Every once in a while, I too look up from my barbell and ask myself what the hell I’m doing, is it worth it, what’s the point of this “fanatical” pursuit? Basically, everything you said. I think those moments are important because it keeps your commitment honest and immediate and resonant with who you are currently. It’s easy to live inside of the push, but if I never give myself that moment to reflect, then my endeavors lose their connection to a greater purpose.

    Also, I really appreciate your point about not preaching the subculture. You’re right, we don’t have to, we can all just do what we do. What a great relief.

  • chip

    “It’s easy to live inside of the push, but if I never give myself that moment to reflect, then my endeavors lose their connection to a greater purpose.”

    Nicely put. Thanks.

  • Veronica Carpenter

    I have 4 children. My oldest calls me her hero. I’ll live by example and hopefully the other 3 will as well. But if they “get” just crumb of why I do what I do, then it’s better than nothing.

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