Stomp out Racism, with one possible exception.

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The Carrying Combo:

One of my all-time favorite combos, featured somewhere in this video:

Hang Snatches/Full Cleans/Deadlifts – all with farmer’s walks in between. 2 barbells (a heavier one for the cleans) and a pair of loaded farmer’s walk handles. 6 reps of the snatches followed by 100 foot overhead walk, 6 reps of the cleans with a 100 foot racked position walk, 6 deads with the FW handles and then, of course, a 100 foot farmer’s walk. How many times in 10 minutes?



I’m a Racist

I’m racist. I hold judgment on an entire race of people, a whole nation that I deem, well, sort of ridiculous. Their practices include putting blind faith into mediocrity of performance and being as loud in voice and deed of a worship of a half-ass idol that couldn’t give a damn about these people. I pass judgment on this particular race as silly, although maybe they should be applauded in their dedication.

I am a racist, and my racism is directed at the entire Raider Nation. For anyone living in Northern California, you know of whom I speak. Vehement fans of a football team who haven’t won anything of note for years (placing 3rd from last, last, and 5th from last in the NFL in the 2007, 2006, 2005 seasons, respectively), but that doesn’t stop this loyal crew from putting the gaudiest collections of team paraphernalia on their cars and bodies, loudly proclaiming a greatness that simply doesn’t exist. This ‘nation’ consists simply of all the folks brought together in this delusion.


As all racism, mine is based in ignorance, I suppose. Is it the cool colors (black and grey do go with anything, after all)? Is it the dire need for something to take up all that free time? Now I don’t get sport obsessions in general, but this Raider Nation stumps my little brain into a pain I sometimes can’t endure. Maybe it all boils down to the word ‘fun,’ and I’m just too uncool to get it.

Chuck Klosterman could possible wax pithily about the over-zealousness of the fans compensating for the low-ranking status of the team within the NFL, perhaps a big car/small penis connection that I can’t quite see, so blinded am I by my confusion (and hatred for big stickers on cars). If I had my druthers and all my dreams came true, I’d be given a butt-load of ducats to film a documentary about sports fans, asking the questions that are only asked by pissed-off wives and therefore quickly discounted. The ‘why’ behind this particular brand of freak.
This documentary wouldn’t be solely about Raiders fans, but they’d get the most film time. How does one respond to the question “your team sucks yet you’ve plastered your car, house, body, child and MySpace page in team paraphernalia. Why?” I can’t imagine any answer that wouldn’t make Chomsky cry or make any Borat movie seem like high art.


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  • Brent


    As you know I’ve spent a lot of time in Montana. The UM Grizzlies are like a religion in Missoula. The entire town shuts down when they play. The Griz are a perennial powerhouse. I suspect you’d feel the same about Griz fans if you lived in Missoula. On game day the town is packed with people wearing copper and gold. Fans sit on concrete bleachers covered in snow and ice. Many game days are below zero. Is this any less fanatical than Raider fans?

    Is it you don’t like hardcore fans or you don’t like hardcore fans of crappy teams?

    It can’t be just the crazy black/silver costumes that bug you. Heck you don’t even watch football.

    As to answer you question “Your team sucks … Why?” You’ve already answered it. “It’s THEIR team” Good/Bad it’s doesn’t matter. Raider fans can’t help that Al Davis is a micromanager who won’t allow his coaches and team personnel to do their jobs. As a result the Raiders lose and will continue to lose.

    Alternatively, the people of Missoula love the Griz because “It’s THEIR team”. The Griz, unlike the Raiders, win. They have great coaches, great players, and a ton of booster money to help them keep it that way. Again I suspect that if you lived in Montana you’d feel the same about Griz fans.

    Note – I have a Raider hat. I like watching the Raiders, however I am not part of the Raider Nation. I am part of the Football Nation. I just like good football: college or pro. I don’t care who’s playing.

  • chip

    I have only a small understanding of organized sports fanaticism, which includes a couple of seasons of doing a small amount of hooping and hollering at Sacramento Kings games (until they switched players around so much that there starting lineup is currently a complete mystery to me). Having a team, ‘your’ team can have an understandable appeal.

    Raider Nation is another animal entirely. There is some clever marketing going on. The colors really do make it much more enticing. I could never be a Chargers fan simply because everyone looks bad in those colors.

  • mark

    As a Denver Broncos fan, I can get behind anyone who dislikes, hates, loathes or is just simply not a fan of the Raiders. I can, however respect the nation’s degree of loyalty to the team. They have been mediocre at best for the last several seasons. Boundless dedication to a sports team (as a fan)does seem a little ridiculous. Some people would see boundless dedication to fitness as absurd as well. To each their own.

  • chip

    I’m so quick to embrace the absurd in so many situations. My rant here is quickly highlighting my pure jealousy of not having something to support. Maybe I need a team…? Anyone got any ideas?

  • Mikey

    How about this team, they are World Class, act it, and the action’s way better. They don’t have a TV deal though.

    Okay maybe not.

  • chip

    I have to root for Raptor, since he looks the most like Bodytribe Mascot LuLu.


  • Frankie

    And I thought I was the only one who loathed the Raiders as well as the “Nation” with the fire of a thousand suns! Professional sports are becoming more than obnoxious with over-paid and self-centered players anyway (I say this knowing that there are still several class-act players in professional sports). Watch more college (Go anyone other than USC!)!

  • jane when i order coffee

    who dey, dude. bootsy collins wrote them a song!
    im going to start coming to the gym in my bengals tshirt and you will hate it like i hate andrew’s blue shorts.

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