Happy B-Day, United States!!

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What the heck does one do to prepare to celebrate the 4th of July?

Dynamic Effort Deadlifts, of course.

Combo Catch of the Day: Eat Lightning


GATHERING OF THE TRIBES: Summer Strength Camp 2008

Just a reminder, folks…

A great opportunity for strength and performance education will be happening at Bodytribe in July. Saturday and Sunday, July 26th and 27th, from 10 am – 5 pm.

One weekend, several instructors and a whole bunch of intensity.

Our last strength camp:

Learn the Ritual of Training through the ideas, philosophies and techniques of Bodytribe, as well as several guest instructors.

Topics include:

Olympic lifting and the many variations.

Maximum Force development and it’s benefit for all levels of athlete.

The ‘strange ‘ lifts. Common at Bodytribe but rarely seen in your average gym.


The process of visualization and how it benefits training.

The Spectrum of Strength and unique program development ideas.

Kettlebells, leverage clubs, sandbags, tires and chains: the funky tools of the tribe.


2 days of lectures and hands-on lifting and movement, including a Sunday morning outdoor training session.

The weekend is limited to 20 people. $250.00. Special discounts for groups and Bodytribe members.

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