Who you aren’t doesn’t define who you are

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Max 2-hands Anyhow. Screw powerlifts today, let’s go old school. See video below.

Combo Catch of the Day: St. Augustine of Hippo. Go heavy with the sandbag. Real heavy.

Who you AREN’T doesn’t define who you ARE.

I don’t have any kind of finger on any sort of pulse of the political community, which is why some recent observations may actually have merit. If I notice it, then it has GOT to be pretty blatant.

Perhaps I can lay claim to being more democrat than republican. There seem to be a growing number of us sort-of dems, or ‘semicrats,’ but complete alignment to any major party has draw backs, so I remain noncommittal.

There seems to be such a quick anti-endorsement to anything from the opposing party that the accusing party often forgets, or doesn’t even know, what its OWN platform is. Case in point: I’ve now come across one too many folks who are super quick to attack anything that comes out of Sarah Palin’s mouth who don’t even know who the dem VP candidate is, much less know anything about him.


Supporting one side does not mean openly attacking the other. In fact that is energy wasted. Here’s a little tale from Hindu legend…

A man so fastidiously chose to discount God that he spent a great deal of time reciting ‘there is no god’ as his less-than-uplifting mantra. Upon his death he comes face-to-face with you-know-who, who says “I have to exist, since you kept me in your mind so strongly.”


We can’t define ourselves by what we don’t like, don’t believe in or don’t agree with, because we will very likely become it, or at least give it the power to control us.

Due to our understanding, if even subconscious, that great change just isn’t in the cards for the system we have created, our modern leaders are simply chosen by the amount of crap they DON’T spew. In other words the day of the quotable president is gone, at least for inspiration or strength. The JFK’s, Roosevelt’s and Lincoln’s have been replaced by simply believing in someone that might fuck things up less than the last guy.

Why do the dems and repubs so viciously attack (and ramble on and on about) all the potential misgivings of their opposition? Because that is all either party has to hang their hat on. The our-team-might-screw-up-less-while-representing-more-of-my-interests strategy is fun and all, but can’t anyone see that neither side seems to be promoting the agenda of their possible leader as much as they’d rather just find fault with the opposition’s choice?

Remember… me not bright. But from this place of willful ignorance can I make this observation. Just in headlines, magazine covers and ANY conversation I hear about the current race for king, I have a strong idea about what is WRONG with either party, thanks to what I’ve heard and read, but have no idea what anyone’s platforms are. Potent propaganda to be sure, but a sad statement on what information is easily available and what has to be researched to make a true choice. From what my uneducated eyes and ears are picking up, I’m going to guess that a great deal of decision making by the voting public will be based on how much they don’t like the other guy (or gal).

And perhaps this is all because we’ve heard it all before. We make sure that ‘our guy’ says all the right things that he is supposed to, highlighting the bulleted check list that we sort of demand with all the key words like ‘change,’ ‘respect’ and ‘liberty,’ and then we just assume the rest, that he’ll make the same attempts, the same same promises and motions that we’re used to, and we can be comfortable with that, even though we’re pretty sure none of it equates to anything resembling change, respect or liberty. It’s just comfortable, these words, and we need to hear them. But our collective unconscious doesn’t really believe it will amount to much, so we justify our choice by denouncing the other choice.

I might be wrong (hell, I’m HOPING I’m wrong), but I can guarantee most folks I talk to daily can tell you more about their dislike of the opposition than what they like about their team of their choice.



We had a LONG but successful powerlifting meet yesterday. The first kudos have to go to the folks who helped with the meet. These meets are a labor of love, since I make no money from them (heck, they end up costing me a small bundle), and everyone who helps out does so on a completely selfless volunteer basis. Here’s what it takes to create a decent meet in terms of man power:

BIG Thanks to…



Plate Loaders:




Then, of course, the reason we do this is for the cultivation and inspiration of the strength of Bodytribe. representing us this time were veteran lifter Deane Knapp, who competed in all FIVE events (there was also a strength sport option of overhead press and strict curl as well), doing quite well for such a long day, and the 2 first-timers, Zac Jareb and TeJae Hardy, both of who lifted very well and represented us beyond the call of duty (and took home some trophies in the process). And dominating the meet was our very own Andy Laughlin, destroying his previous state records and PR’s by leaps and bounds.

Nice job all!!

Hopefully anyone involved will send my some pictures or video, since my camera stayed relatively mute due to my distraction with other duties.

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  • Seth Hayes

    Chip—-just watched that odd lifts clip again. DUDE…….ur a badass.


  • craig b.

    Loss of mindfulness is why people engage in useless
    pursuits, do not care for their own interests, and remain unalarmed in the presence of things which actually menace their welfare.


  • Zac

    One reason I think you’ll hear so many Democrat-types defining their stances in negation of the opposition rather than in a positive, assertive way, is because the Republicans have, from the “Regan Revolution” on, done such a damned dastartly-fine job of setting the language of the discussion and defining the terms of the debate. The Republicans are “pro-life,” which must mean that the Democrats are “pro-death,” and love killing babies. The Republicans talk about “tax relief,” which defines taxes as an affliction, which means the Democrats, when they want to fund their well-intentioned social programs, are the bearers of disease. What I’m saying here is all cribbed from Berkeley linguist George Lakoff…

  • Ed Pierini

    I like the title of this blogflection and the essay rings so true.

    This is along the lines of something I read years ago in a book titled “Care of the Soul”. The author discussed about how one person went about trying to live a healthy and wholesome life because he didn’t want to be like his father. A much healthier mindset would have been to live a healthy and wholesome life because it is the right thing to do.

    Likewise for our fitness pursuits. We should chase them not because we don’t want to be like so and so, out of shape, fat, weak, unhealthy or the like. We should chase them because it is the right thing to do.

    Easier to say than sometimes do but we can try.

  • Andy

    Although I’m sure you, Chip, Zac and I are all in agreement regarding the aforementioned political discourse, I’m chosing to abstain from the discussion given my current state of holy fuck I hurt so bad I can’t think-ness. I’m anxious to see some more photos or video footage from the meet, too. Huge congrats to Zac and TeJae on their first meets. Both looked like they could have gone a lot heavier and likely will if they continue to compete. By the way my final tally leaves me with a 540 squat, 395 bench and 620 deadlift for a 1,555-pound total. All three were state records in the open 275-pound, raw drug tested class, and the deadlift and total were worlds (previous records were 605 for deadlift, 1550 for total).

  • Zac

    Thanks for the encouragement Andy. I’m less than a year into any powerlifting-specific training, and I intend to keep at it until I’ve achieved freaky mutant strength.

    I’m surprised at how little I hurt in terms of muscular soreness. Most of what I’m feeling is CNS fatigue. Jitteryness, brain-drain… That said, I’m feeling good enough to get back in the gym quite soon.

  • Megan

    Watch your back, Andy. I’m coming after your records.

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