Women who make me think

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Heavy lift of the day: Max Cleans.
Combo Catch of the Day: Zhaozhou. Looks a little like this:



Women Who Make Me Think

I almost titled this post ‘Time to Plug the Ladies,’ with absolutely no immediate sense of the connotations. But alas, within milliseconds, I realized what a grave (but funny) error that would be.

Bronwyn Schweigerdt has a deeply researched blog offering opposing view points to much of what the dairy and meat industry (read: protein military complex) will have you believe. This is sort of the antithesis to any bodybuilding magazine or Paleo/caveman style diet (heck, even the blog name is anti-paleo), so it is good reading if you want a point/counter-point contrast to much of the info getting a lot of web time and space right now.

Brooke Preston has a blog devoted to her raw foods chef company, the Green Boheme, which now has a take out counter open to the public in the evenings. There is a schedule of her workshops and cooking classes on the blog as well.


Krista Scott-Dixon is, of course, the crazy Canadian who is behind Stumptuous.com, the Empress of Physical Culture websites, as well as a great resource for feminist theory and a host of other things that are over my head.

Kat Ricker, author and lifter, documents her journeys through life with quality info and a level of writing that I can wish to aspire to. There is a LOT of info on this site, from research into to seedier sides of Bodybuilding to the fun to be had through Olympic lifting.


I like thinking, although it hurts my tiny trainer brain, so i thank all of these women for giving me the good type of headache.

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  • Hobi

    Krista’s site is excellent. I have followed it since it’s beginings.

  • chip

    Yup, it is one of the most famous sites on the internet when it comes to real training info.

  • craig b.

    I think I found Krista and Bob Whelan’s site at the same time. They both got my head on straighter and led to fleeing chrome/fern land in the time before this time. I dig Krista, she is Queen Iron Dork, and I am her humble servant.


  • Marc

    I concur as to the sexy, nerdy, witty, crazy awesomeness that is Mistress Krista. My girl-type trainer introduced me to Stumptuos.com in July of ’07 and I’ve been a devout, practicing Krista-ian ever since. I’m delighted that she quit her boring day job to (among other things) produce Spezzatino. I threaten my trainer all the time that if she doesn’t do me right, I’m moving to Toronto.

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