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Heavy Lift: Goodmornings. Be heavy, but be cautious. Form trumps load!

Combo Catch o’ the Day: Aristotle.


How great is life when there are still surprises daily for our enjoyment and wonder. Bodytribe is a strength Dojo for the folks who have to work hard for their superhero status. We’ve got some naturally gifted folk, to be sure; folks to inspire and motivate us kinda average, darn-my-less-than-uber-parents-for-my-struggling-genetics sort of people. But many of us, with a big finger pointed directly at my own chest, didn’t ace the presidential fitness tests in school (hey, someone needs to form the big hump in the middle of the bell curve) and would be lumped among the statistical category at any corporate gym as simply “paying member,” with no fanfare or possibility of ever making it into any of their promotional literature.

So let this be my big thank you to my fellow ‘average’ folks who constantly blow me away with the effort, sweat and sometimes blood they leave on the platform. Upon my exit every day (“Thank you for keeping me humble and strong”) I have a new batch of memories of greatly satisfying accomplishments of our tribe. From gut-busting max effort attempts to lung-searing combo speeds, I find constant inspiration in your successes.


Inspirations, part deux:

I dig animals. A lot. I won’t eat them, I will feed them, and Bodytribe, mostly through the efforts of Trainer Allyson, has now matched homeless kitties with folks with big hearts 21 times. The most recent love connection brought Jade (above) together with Sara and Dana. Jade was found wondering the streets, skinny and pregnant. She eventually took over Bodytribe, enchanting Jack and Chewy and anyone who was stupid enough to get within 10 feet of her. She is now fixed, healthy and fully sheltered Thank you, Sara and Dana, for accepting that little darling into your house and hearts.


But we have another one, thanks to Bodytribe member Darby, who decided that a homeless 2-month old kitten needed a better situation. I can see where people might enjoy hunting and killing stuff, since it is a simpler path to turn off a heart than on, and lawd knows we like shit simple. Meanwhile the trickier path of preserving and respecting life might find someone who is willing to take in this little guy…

On a similar note, local artists and activist Nicole Fox, with help from friends (including husband Mark, who’s art has been featured on Bodytribe walls many times) will be hosting a Prop 2 party, bringing awareness, and hopefully change, to the conditions of animals raised for slaughter/food.


Come support the animals and hang out with us for the night. You can meet the newest little booger who is trying to hop on computer as I type this.


Other upcoming events

This weekend Greg Everett, author of the comprehensive weightlifting tome Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches, will be teaching a two-day workshop in Chico at Robb Wolf’s gym, CrossFit NorCal.


UPA powerlifting meet here in Sac. The Super Training Team, led by mighty man Mark Bell, will be hosting a push/pull meet at their gym inside Midtown Strength and Conditioning, Saturday, October 25th. Email Mark at for more info.


and of course…


MMA conditioning addressing the 5 elements. Read more here.


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  • Zac

    October 25th? Same day as Powerhouse/Team Big Sac’s strongman meet. Hrmm…

  • Brent

    Strangely enough the FBI physical fitness test is strangely reminiscent of the President’s fitness test. Coincidence? I think not …

    Meat. It does a body good!

  • chip

    ‘Booger’ found a home today.

  • Zac

    I don’t know whether to be happy (that the kitteh found a home) or sad (that the home is not mine).

  • Josh

    In my short stay at Body Tribe this last month I can attest being witness to many inspiring moments, and individuals. There is a very unique aura there. It is one of a kind nation wide. Not a surprise it was mentioned in the latest Outside magazine as one of the next wave of new gyms to take you fitness to a new level. It is amazing to me that people aren’t beating down the door to join. Maybe a head of it’s time, or it’s the local demographic. Who knows? I miss it, both the place, and especially the tribe.

  • Andy

    As one of the aforementioned naturally “gifted” types (more like a genetic/dietary freak), I can only echo Chip’s astoundedness with the everyday folk who give it their all on the platform, and who even manage to excell. I’ve faced a lot of difficulties in my life outside of the gym and have always found myself easily discouraged at the first sign that my weakness is being exposed.

    I too attempted to get by without eating animals. I made it for eight months but despite the most disgusting assosciations I have with the practice (last night’s dream of eating my father alive included), I have to listen to my body’s cravings for flesh. I’m working on a mantra not too dissimilar to Chip’s gym exit to mutter to the dead cow or chicken I’m about to consume. Something along the lines of “thank you for giving your life so that I may be strong…or satiated…or no longer bored of soy products…” Something like that.

  • Krissi

    21 kitties? GO ALLYSON!

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