Let’s behave

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ME Box Squat. Go heavy, really heavy. Be well spotted!

Combo Catch o’ the Day: Chih-i. Here’s a breakdown of the various moves:


Let’s Behave

Election years split our country like nothing else, especially when we’re eliminating a bully regime and desperately hoping for change, no matter what party we wave a flag for. We’re stuck in an us/them battle unlike any many of us have seen in our lifetimes. On one hand there’s money, the making and keeping of it. There is security in knowing that what we spend so much of our time earning will still be ours at the end of the day. On the other hand there is human and environmental rights, the hope and dream of an equality for our sustainable society. Of course there are more than one ironic instance of a republican (money) platform sinking us much deeper into debt, needing a democratic president to help bail the country out, and fingers can point at democratic (equality) cabinets that made poor choices for human rights or pushed the earth a step closer to the grave.

But those are the lines that seem to be drawn. Every election seems to boil down to the ideologies of security through finance versus security through humanity, and the tension of the nation makes us vulnerable, as individuals and as a nation.

As mentioned in a previous post, the shit slinging has overridden ideas. It seems that the public has to decide between the Old Guy and his incompetent moose-killing side kick versus the terrorist, because unless I go to either candidates website, finding out what they really stand for through common news sources is virtually impossible.

When the dust settles and the votes are tallied, about half of this country will be pissed off, no matter what. That’s a tough scenario to prepare for, even if I’m not in that half. So until then lets make a strong effort to a) be well informed, b) be understanding, and c) be nice to each other. Although I lean more towards human rights and the environment than cash, neither side has proven to have a good track record with either, despite what their platforms might be. Whether ‘your side’ wins or not, be prepared for understanding and compassion, because that is what this country really needs.


Upcoming stuff…

We’re overhauling our workshop schedule for the transition from 2008 to 2009, building it up like a vintage coupe, streamlining the old gal to be fast, furious and freaky. There will, of course, be more details soon, but currently we’re excited about the upcoming fighter conditioning workshop:


MMA conditioning addressing the 5 elements. Read more here.



Last week’s new combo, Bertrand Russell:

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  • Zac

    I am so freakin’ jealous of how easy you make those burpees look.

    I think I may need to GTG burpees…

  • josh

    The “Bertrand Russell” combo rocks!!! Filming ones combo can be intimidating. Props.

    P.S. Your swings are reminiscent of the RKC swings in their depth. Haha.

  • chip

    You’re right about swing depth (almost AKC-style but sans the double knee bend), which brings up a good point. As much as I’m a fiend for depth on a swing, with feet wider to accommodate the 2 DB’s, depth becomes restricted, more like a powerlifting wide squat than a deep weightlifting squat.

  • Brent

    I prefer swings with the dumbbells on the outside of the leg. I can get depth and I don’t have to worry about whacking my knees or my junk.

  • chip

    hehe, you said ‘whacking your junk.’

  • Bennett


    Thanks for letting me check out the gym today. Great place!


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