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Bodytriber Ed Pierini hitting a snatch PR


Heavy Lift: Snatch

Combo Catch o’ the Day: Rumi.


Next Monday I’m Maui-bound for about 6 days of non-Sacramento weather, hijinx and (dare i say it) REST. The Tribe will exist in physical form sans my presence, and I will still, like a virus, be clinging to the internal workings of the community’s intestines via this wonderful cyberworld.

Each trip to the islands, which are unfortunately few and far between (the trips, not the islands), opens the doors to my spam-and-lime-jello concoction I call my brain, introducing new thought into the otherwise stalled mass of goo. Upon my return from this particular journey I plan on introducing a new class to our tribal calendar, letting my vacation bring to me inspiration on a plate with my pineapple juice and malasada.


I won’t divulge too much, since the R & D stages are pre-neophyte. If this were a lab, we’d not even have the Bunsen burners ready to burn bunsen yet.


This class will be a weekly step towards introducing the psyche to the flesh. The bones to the brain. Our physiology to our psychology. Ya know, that whole mind/body shit we keep preaching about. Well our complete package of fitness starts to succeed only when the following questions are answered:

Can you move freely? (ya know, are your joints working well through fuller-than-average ranges of motion?)

Can you move with force? (speed, power, strength… all products of force development)

Can you sustain movement? (move. with force. repeat. and repeat. and repeat.)

And the big question: Will You?

But we’re still not done. This movement stuff has no place in the grand scheme if it does not benefit the tribe (community, society, etc.). So on an individual level, let’s answer these questions as well…

Can you think freely? (are you able to discern, critique, and create?)

Can you think with force? (create dialog, exchange ideas, support your creations)

Can you sustain your thoughts? (believe and achieve, sans second guessing or doubt)

Will You?

My concept is a movement meditation class. The specifics are being hammered out and I will introduce the final product after my snooze fest in my home state (born and raised in the 808, yo). Trainer Allyson and I will be doing a bit of DVD filming while we’re there as well, so I can get closer to my goal of having this sucker ready for everyone’s Santa wish list.

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  • Brent

    Is it too late to put in my order for malasada and pineapple juice? Ok, maybe the airlines won’t let you bring pineapple juice on the plane, but you can certainly fit a 1/2 dozen malasada in a carry-on. Mmmmmm…. malasada…

  • chip

    The only bane about malasadas is that they need to be consumed fairly fresh and hot, like apple donuts from Apple Hill. But maybe I’ll store them under my armpits to keep them warm.

  • Megan

    I’d be psyched for a movement meditation program.

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