Workshop off, Potluck ON!

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Today’s workout:

Snatch. Nail your technique. No need to max today, instead aim for speed under the bar.
3 sets of 3
5 sets of 1

Combo Catch o’ the Day: Happy Birthday Allyson. She turned a very strong 40 last week, so, as we have done for years past, we celebrate with a rep for each year.


Workout option #2:

My new friends at the Vacaville Prison have challenged me to a ‘burpee-off.’ This is, of course, what friends of Bodytribe do, throw down friendly gauntlets to see what we’re capable of. How many can we do in 10 minutes? They mercifully cut it down from 20 minutes. I think they’re clocking their numbers tomorrow. I guess I’ll do the same. I have a plan to not die while doing them, but i don’t think I’m going to offer these guys much of a challenge. I’m expecting their numbers to probably be double of whatever I pull off.


So the bad news is that yet again I have to postpone the Fighter Conditioning Workshop. It was a lofty endeavor to squeeze in so many workshops this month, while I’m also prepping a trip to DC (which requires learning about 32 songs), finishing up the DVD and hosting the usual Second Saturday Art show. So not only did I not list an accurate date on the website anyway, I’ll have to move it entirely to another future time. Ugh. I apologize for those who have contacted me about it.

For those who joined us for the successful Joint Mobility Tune Up this weekend, thank you kindly for spending a Saturday morning rolling around with me. As I mentioned, that was a precursor for the Movement Meditation class, which I will hopefully be starting up in February. Meanwhile, let me give a shout to our friends at Zuda Yoga, who run a wonderful program with plenty of classes all week long, opening up the mind and body in productive ways.

Here’s a preview of the upcoming DVD:


The Bodytribe New Years Potluck

What better way to spend those few hours before the clubs really get hopping anyway by bringing yourself, any friends you might have, and possibly a little grub, to your favorite workout den to share some memories of 2008 and ‘speak your latent convictions’ about 2009? We’re going to have the ceremonial erasing of the PR board, so we can start setting new personal records while demolishing last year’s numbers. We’ll also share some ideas about 2009 and swap some goals, dreams and tips about how we’re going to conquer the upcoming year. We can chat about program design, or the upcoming season of Dexter… whatever feels good. Come on out. This Friday night at 7:30 pm. We’ll be here eating and dreaming until about 9:30.

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  • Michelle

    Any preferences on food and drink for the potluck?

  • chip

    Food: dark chocolate and pizza
    Drink: dark chocolate and pizza

    I’m a simple man of simple needs.

  • Jack

    The preview of the DVD looks great! Just finish ur book and loved it! Let me know when it’s ready.


  • chip

    Thanks Jack. ETA for DVD is the end of February.

  • kk

    dark chocolate and pizza? that might be enough to coax me out of 🙂

    happy new year.

  • Ed Pierini

    Happy Birthday Allyson and best wishes for your good faith, fitness, fortune and health during the 40th year of your life.

    Trust me – the best is yet to come. You are a young pup so enjoy your youth!

  • Betsy

    Happy birthday Allyson!

    So I’m assuming you’re looking for vegan potluck dishes?

  • allyson

    Gosh, thanks Ed! Yeah, knowing what 40 really is (or at least what it is for me), I feel pretty silly for fretting back at 20 about even turning 30! The only reason I’m sorry about turning 40 is that Birthday Combo (that Chip created, so blame him not me! Ha) Hope to see a lot of folks at the Potluck on Friday!

  • Brent

    Are there any carnivores interested in getting some BBQ brisket with me at the potluck? All this veggie/vegan talk is making me hungry for flesh.

  • chip

    It could be BYOdeadthing. Just keep the cats away from it.

  • Brent

    No BYO cat?

  • Veronica Carpenter

    Glad this time it’s really your birthday. Happy Birthday Allison!

  • Michelle

    What about those white chocolate covered Oreo cookies? I guess that could be BYO-over processed thing that tastes really good but is oh, so bad for you….

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