Amazon says i exist


Today’s workout:

Handstand Pushups (or handstand pushup practice).

Then give some love to Mr. Crowley, which is in this video at about 44 seconds…


Amazon says I exist

You’re all invited along on my quest for world domination. Here’s how you can help…

Somehow Amazon decide to pick up Lift With Your Head and start selling it. Since you all own a copy, I don’t want you to buy one (and if you need one, get it from my website much cheaper), but how about writing some reviews for it? For some reason they included no copy as to what the book is about, and I can’t seem to get any on there, so the best thing we can do (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘you’) is to post some reviews, maybe even including some info about the darn thing. We’ll have a little contest…

The best review (decided by yours truly) get a signed copy of my DVD (signed by who, I’m not telling).

Here’s the Amazon link.


10-noon. More info on our Saturday Tune Ups here.

This Saturday we’re returning to the clubs. Let’s get into some fun leverage club movements and combos, increasing our rotational ability, tendon and ligament fortification (fancy word for strength) and mobility. We’ll play with some of the things below:

The “Ritual Square” at about 26 seconds in…

some stuff at about 41 seconds in…

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11 Responses to Amazon says i exist

  1. Oh, it’s on. I’m re-reading the book as we speak!

  2. Zac

    FYI, a friend of mine published through Lulu, and it was picked up by Amazon immediately (at the time, it might’ve been a option w/Lulu that they might’ve finally and arbitrarily pushed you into). *Anyway,* my point is this; the listing for his book does have a summary, and it seems it was lifted straight from the summary listed on his Lulu page. HOWEVER, it did cut off his longer Lulu summary after a certain number of characters, leaving all Amazon shoppers with a rather incomplete and confusing notion of what his novel might actually be about.

    In other news, after a crazy week and a concert in SF last night, my training today might not happen – mind if I come in tomorrow before, after, or during the workshop to get my lift on?

  3. chip

    Come on in. We’re building farmer’s walk handles after the workshop, so we’ll be here for a while!

    As for Amazon, I’m not sure why they didn’t lift the copy from Lulu. It’s short and to-the-point.

  4. chip

    Holy crap… the first 2 reviews are posted and they both fall in the ‘beyond the call of duty’ category. Thanks you guys!

  5. Veronica

    Wow, you’re up to 4 reviews now. I can’t compete with what’s been written already. Nice job tribers!

  6. chip

    Soliciting reviews feels sort of creepy anyway, but if ya feel like writing anything, feel free. Besides V, you’re super famous, having appeared in the Strength Rituals DVD.

  7. Veronica

    I’m functioning on hardly any food going on 48hrs. I think a little alien is camping out in my belly. As soon as I can feed my belly an brain again, I’ll try to write something that’ll do it justice.

  8. chip

    Uh oh. feel better!

  9. Matthew

    When does the contest end?

  10. Matthew

    Okay, well when are you going to dish out the prize? I’ve got a half-finished review sitting here on my computer, and I don’t want to miss out on my shot at glory. You may become Oprah faster than I anticipate.

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