Kettlebell Workshop In the Park!!


UPDATE: WORKSHOP IN THE PARK!! Grant Park at C and 21st Streets!!

There are exercises that can be done with a kettlebell, then there are Kettlebell exercises, exclusive ONLY to the kettlebell. That’s the focus of this weekend’s workshop. We’re going to squeeze a 6-hour, $300 (or more) advanced kettlebell workshop into a 2-hour, $20 package.

As the first gym in Sacramento to use kettlebells as an important part of our training, we feel, after over 6 years, that we have to keep raising the bar on the level of KB instruction. So here comes another KB workshop, and this one is going to be intense. Sure we’ll do a quick review of some basics, but the goal is to focus on KB-exclusive exercises, not the techniques that keep getting labeled as KB exercises but can be done with any tool (c’mon! A turkish get up or a windmill is NOT a KB exercise!!). So we’re going to build what we call Extended Play sessions with the KBs, putting together combos with the bells that will test the body in new and unique ways. There is absolutely nothing like this workshop anywhere else in Northern California!

This Saturday (June 20th) from 10-noon (maybe slightly later), AT GRANT PARK on 21st and C Streets!!
A $20 donation is kindly requested, but not required ($10 for members).


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  1. steven mcdermott

    I’m gonna do my best to be there! Can we get a preview of the names of a few movements you intend to teach?

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