A vote for Bodytribe is a vote against corporate fitness (and zombies)

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Sure, it’s one small (but internationally known) gym versus mega-chains and fancy-pants treadmill and sauna hook-up clubs, but I think we should send a message to Sacramento that we are the only gym with 2 cats, and that makes us the best. But we’ve got less than two days left. If you haven’t voted for the Best of Sacramento yet, please do!!



Today’s workout:

Max Effort Lift: Overhead Squats with bands
Repetition Lift: Walking KB Squat Presses
Brutal Recess:
Burpee box jump, froggy style (stay in a squat, nice and bouncy)
Sled Drag 100 feet
Cossack squats
30 yard sprint

keep going for 10 minutes!


Wanna know why it is vastly important that you attend Strength Camp? I’ve mentioned in the Strength Rituals DVD, and now there is scientific proof (sort of) that we need to be prepared for the Zombie attack. Sent to me by our UK friend, and concerned citizen, Gubernatrix, this important research says:

“If zombies actually existed, an attack by them would lead to the collapse of civilisation unless dealt with quickly and aggressively.”

Sure, they talk funny and can’t spell ‘civilization’ the way God and Noah Webster intended, but British articles about Canadian research CAN’T BE WRONG. Are you prepared?


You will be if you attend Bodytribe Summer Strength Camp 2009, where you will learn the skills to “hit them hard and hit them often.”

Come join the fun!!

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  • ultrafknbd

    Me thinks that the fear of zombies (their only attributes being sleepwalking (idleness) and appetite (consumption)) – via the allegorical stylings of Romero (à la Night of the Living Dead) – is reflective. “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

    A vote for Bodytribe is to awaken from our dogmatic slumber.

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