Be Part of All of It


Just for pure power building mayhem, here’s a fun little workout to give your hips a push towards greater foundational strength. Not a big sweat shop style, GPP nightmare, more like laying the cement base on which to build upon later…

. 6 sets of 3 at about 70% max

Single Leg Squats (prop that back foot up on a bench behind you). If this is not common to your arsenal, then use a barbell with about 35% of your back squat max (or less… in fact your bodyweight might be sufficient), and crank out a few sets of 6-10 reps.

GHD/Sled Drag. Glute/Ham Raises for reps followed by a heavy sled drag for about 100 feet. A few rounds of this should be fun.

Brutal Recess: the Mosey. Salutation Lunge/Cosack squat. 100 feet. 2 salutation lunges per leg followed by 2 cossack squats per leg. Looks a bit like this:


Be Part of All of It

Last Sunday found 2 intrepid Bodytribers trying to schlep our medicine show at a San Francisco sweat shop called DIAKADI Body. These visits to DIAKADI seem to be annual affairs, where we can visit old friends, add some new folks to our list of favorites, and hopefully leave some minds including our own, filled with just a bit more info than before our visit.

The topic of the gathering was to share the Brutal Recess concept, which, like all of our workshops, is akin to taking our favorite toys to a friends house to play with and showing them our favorite games. We moved a bit, laughed a bit, moved some more, then eventually said our adieus, a little tired, quite happy, and hopefully with something new for our brains to chew on and our bodies to try.


DIAKADI the gym is a great building with fun toys and very cool people. DIAKADI the name is an acronym for Do It All And Kick Ass Doing It., which is a sentiment I can get behind. Every time I leave this Bay Area training center, I ponder that idea for a while…


… then I answer the call of a chai smoothie from Cafe Gratitude. A raw food haven that is now spread over several restaurants throughout the bay area, Cafe Gratitude’s menu names every item by an affirmation beginning with “I am…”


So sometimes one has to admit that “I am Eternally Inspired.” And you would never argue this conviction if you were to drink its namesake. A rich chai flavor made from all natural, raw….

…something – I really have no idea what ‘rawness’ they throw in this bad boy, but my tummy, brain and spirit seem to powwow together like a pajama party in Nirvana when I sup of this wondrous mead.


Do it all and kick ass doing it. Felt like ‘all’ at that moment was slowly sipping my “Eternally Inspired.” But while still pondering the DIAKADI maxim my eye catches a sign on the wall that must be new, since in all my past adventures of being Eternally Inspired at the cafe, I’d never noticed it before.

On this sign were the “4 truths” of Gratitudes, or something like that.

1) Be a space for all of it
2) Create a sacred place
3) Be in the game
4) Be an invitation

Guess how my Eternally Inspired-ness interpreted these truths?

Do it all and kick ass doing it.

Now let’s have some input from you. Read the four truths and hold onto the DIAKADI statement. Now answer this…



November will see a brief pause in our workshop schedule, but I’ll post the December workshops next week. This does not mean sitting on our thumbs watching Netflix. Oh no, this weekend we’re hosting the APA California RAW Powerliftng Championships, so come out and support Team Bodytribe, including new and veteran lifters. This Saturday, the 14th. Lifting starts around 11.

Then on Saturday, November 28th, to forget the horrors of ‘black friday,’ we’ll avoid the malls and workout. I’m organizing a thanksgiving workout that will be instructional as well as sort of brutal. I’ll post details on our events page early next week. Stay tuned.


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11 Responses to Be Part of All of It

  1. Hey Team Bodytribe, good luck for Saturday! Do awesomely. I too have a powerlifting meet on Saturday (in the UK) and I take inspiration from all of you in the video above.

    I’ll be thinking of you guys since you’ll be starting to lift not long after I’ve finished for the day. Just be thankful you get to start at a civilised time of the morning. I have to weigh in at 7am!

  2. It will be like one big powerlifting meet spread around the world! Do well and keep us updated. 7am weigh ins suck. We get to weigh in the night before, but I won’t rub that in too much.

  3. Zac

    We can weigh in starting at 6:00 tonight, right? Please don’t make me wait until tomorrow morning…

  4. Great job Allyson in that vid. I’m going to give that combo a try as I’m due for a bodyweight-only leg workout.

    Great extension in the Eve photo. I hope that was at the top of a live pull and not an “extend for the photo” shot.

    Have a great competition this week everyone

  5. Zac: yup, weigh ins pretty much all afternoon, as I’m sure Scott will be here.

    Ed: Eve’s pic was part of a series of holding down the shutter and letting her go. Luckily we caught that one. The series will be featured in my oly lifting article due out on next month.

  6. Jack

    Another great preview! Can’t wait to get it!

    ps – Who’s singing? Very cool song!

  7. Allyson, who is in the video, is also singing the song. It’s from her new album due out next month.

  8. Jack

    Allyson, you have a great voice! How can I get your CD?

  9. That’s a good question. I’ll ask her today and post the info in the next blog, in which will be another video featuring part of one of her songs.

  10. Admiring all the effort you put into your blog. I particular liked this post. Rebecca Brandy @ G ned i vikt

  11. Admiring all the effort you put into your blog. I particular liked this post. Rebecca Brandy @ Gå ned i vikt

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