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As a wee lad, Christmas usually meant a morning of opening gifts followed by an afternoon of comparing your recently acquired bounty with the other neighborhood kids. The art of Getting was as simple as parading around your newest toys, often while NOT wearing your newest sweater. It probably wasn’t completely apparent to our parents that their toy buying decisions made or broke our ‘street’ cred for about a week, but every kid on my block knew that Christmas morning was as much about bragging rights as it was about family, food and tradition.

I’ve got bragging rights now. I’ve got you guys. Whatever your ‘reason for the season,’ I’m celebrating a big pile of wonderful memories, each one a building block for a successful Bodytribe year.

Thank you. True strength is love and support, and with that we can lift the world.

Happy Holidays from Bodytribe!




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  • Krissi

    …and we have you! Thanks for another great year of making workouts FUN.

  • Amanda

    I’m closing out my second full year of the Bodytribe experience…and what a journey it has been! I’ve grown more from my experience of love & support here than I have from the workouts.
    Thank you, Chip, Allyson, and everyone who contributes their energy to our community!

  • Amandalin

    I miss Body tribe so…..I used to work out with Aj and it was an inspireing time in my life. I moved to Grass Valley a few years ago and have recetly been looking for an awesome trainer such as Aj or even a gym with what body tribe offers and I can not find it! Just want you to know how what you do helps inspire and encorage people. You all do great things. Thank you. Now you should expand to GV!

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