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I had just missed the first deadlift I have EVER missed in competition. Until recently, the deadlift and I have been close. More than just party buddies, we could sometimes finish each other’s sentences. We’d have sleep overs and wax profoundly on Facebook about the most recent Twilight episode… we were totally BFF’s.

But there I stood, defeated on my second attempt by a weight that would usually be light for my opener, the barbell staring at me with what I perceived to be a slight snicker.

At this point I believe everyone on the team had hit a PR, with more good lifts to come from two more team members after me. But I was currently being heckled by gravity and it’s iron accomplice.

What was this gnawing in my gut? I’d like to pinpoint the slight tremble and crimson-soaked vision as rage. It would be easy to just sling a sign around my shoulders that read beware: angry guy. But that wasn’t it exactly.

I was lonely. Not only did I feel abandoned by my friend the Deadlift, but body and soul weren’t dialoging like usual, since the brain was so quick to break up that party and start bitching about all the usual suspects… training was off, stressful week, sidelined by a sickness recently, along with all that traveling, said the brain.

Excuses don’t end the loneliness. They offer the doorway of cognitive dissonance, a respite from blame, but that band-aid fell off pretty fast when I had to face my third attempt at lifting that damn bar. Bodytribe trainer AJ, who was helping out as head judge, somehow caught my eye and pointed to his chest. He said “lift from here, not from here” and then pointed to his head. His message: From the heart. That’s where body and soul dialog to each other, and when that chatter begins, the loneliness ends.

I’m slow, but not entirely without a collection of surefire methods at my disposal for following the recommended path out of my head. First, smile. Second, pet Lulu, who moseyed right up to me as I approached the platform.


I then fought perhaps the biggest deadlift battle I’d ever experienced, but the three white lights (well… upraised thumbs, since we’re poor and can’t afford the fancy technology of a judge-light system) confirmed my victory over gravity at that moment. I know it is fleeting, since gravity has a much bigger, more expansive history than I do and has an incredible array of tricks and lessons, picking the right moments to teach us what we need to know, but at that moment, I believe gravity relented just enough, and then smiled at my success.


Not my best meet in terms of numbers, but the lessons were invaluable. Journey trumps outcome, yet again.

Aside from my journey, there were a LOT of great lifts and PR’s, not just from the Bodytribe team, but from a collection of new comers and veterans alike, over 30 lifters in all, gathered to ring in another round of the growing trend of RAW powerlifting. It is exciting to see both the familiar faces and the constantly growing number of new ones, so a big thanks to all the competitors who made it out last Saturday.

Scott Taylor, the APA prez, posted this video of Bodytriber Maceko deadliting another record (and PR… 410 pounds), the first time in competition she has beaten me in a lift… and I’m more than okay with that!

And a big thanks to everyone who came out, whether to support everyone or land a helping hand with all the various things that must be down to keep a meet going. We couldn’t have done it without you!



Upcoming stuff:

Alright… we’ve got workshops planned all over the country over the rest of the year. But we’d like to make it to your town as well. If our list doesn’t include your area, then help us make it happen! Contact us if you or your local gym are interested in hosting a Bodytribe workshop. Meanwhile, here’s where we will be going in the near future…

Palm Desert

… and all the info on these workshops is here.



This Saturday’s Tune Up: Maximum Force Development. Yeah, we like lifting heavy stuff… but it ain’t just a passing fetish. ALL folks who embrace movement as a path to development should wrap there hands and minds against the concept of moving something heavy or moving something fast. So not only will we tell ya how, but we’re gonna tell ya why. And be prepared to give it a try if ya haven’t already, because we all need to feel it in some way or another. The lessons are crucial.


GUNGA GALUNGA!! Caddyshack. Saturday night. 7pm. Free. Bring grub.

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  • Lisa

    Not only did I not see what was going on, but I didn’t see what was going on. And I was watching those lifts. It always interests me to read about what that process is from the inside, especially from someone who teaches (evangelizes?) about the practice. I appreciate you writing about it here.

  • Darby

    Thanks for insight and for putting the video together..Team Bodytribe rocked it!!

  • mace

    Man. I can’t believe we forgot to remind each other to smile! I won’t drop the ball on that one again, because it’s simply the best competition ritual ever!

    It was a slightly disconnected, but super significant meet for me as well. And it was an honor to compete with my fellow Tribers…especially you, Chip.

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