fear of the process or the outcome?

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Today’s workout:

Max Effort Deadlifts

Hand-thigh lift (deadlift from high pins)/sandbag cleans/carry/sandbag get ups.
super heavy partial deadlift from pins, hold for as long as you can. 10 sandbag cleans, heavy. Carry that bag 100 feet. 5 get ups per side, same bag. Repeat as necessary.

try not mistake animals for sandbags

Fear of the Process of the Outcome?

If excuses seem to be your thing, which category might you fall in… the fear of being strong or the fear of the process of getting strong? Um, perhaps you, gentle reader, are not the demographic for this inquiry, since around these parts, both physical and internetical (it’s a word), there seems to be a rather enthusiastic embrace of strength, and the journey towards it. The sweat, the struggle, bodies straining, iron relenting to your will, playing a savage game with gravity… this is your recess as it is mine.


But if you’re reading this while sitting at your computer in a semi-public space – work, wifi cafe, while driving your car or operating heavy machinery – then you are probably within spitting distance of someone who actually doesn’t dig the idea of being strong. Try it… turn, spit, and see who cowers.

Okay, bad example, as even the strongest among us will flinch from a random loogie hocking. Point being the search is a short one to find folks who haven’t buddied up to the concept of being strong.

Back to my initial query…

Is the more popular fear being strong, or the process of getting there? The hasty answer would be getting there, as the struggles and trials to achieve some semblance of ability require at least a modicum of what many folks seem to passionately avoid: hard work. It’s icky stuff, all that moving.

But a sneakier category of people are those that never take the necessary plunge because strength itself seems a burden, like an antonym to their character. We’ve written about this syndrome before. Although not monopolized by any gender, common media seems to highlight it more blatantly in women, as some of us around the Tribe have actually heard the unparaphrased statement that “strength is not feminine.”

thankfully, you don’t believe that!

But there is a third, even more sublime category… one that even those amongst our ranks might fall into (actually, WILL fall into at some time, including yours truly). Those who sabotage their strength.

Our babble around these parts often focuses on the journey more than the outcome. Of the three basics (ya know… train hard, eat well, rest hard), there are countless ways to screw something up and make the pursuit of kick-assity (also a word) unconsciously Sisyphean. It may come as a bit of a surprise that the ‘train hard’ angle of the triumvirate is NOT the most fragile component, although it will suffer greatly if either of the other two legs of this empowerment triangle bend or wane.

Hungry? Tired? A Jedi cares not of these. Oh, but we do.

If I may paraphrase Henry Rollins for a bit here…

If you were smart enough to not put sugar in the gas tank of that beat up, piece-of-shit, super-used facade of an automobile we all drove in college, even if you were too scared to open the hood because you might discover that the engine consisted of squirrels, straw and dreams, then why would you fuel up your birth-given Maserati, complete with the built-in super computer (although not entirely accurate GPS system) with sub-grade crap?


I’d like to discuss this further. I’d like to sit down with any of you interested in no longer sabotaging your goals of strength, weight loss or whatever else might be at the mercy of some poor eating choices, and talk some of this out. I’d like to share some real simple steps that you might appreciate in making sure your high performance machine runs like it was intended to. I have no huge secrets to reveal. I also have no complicated plans for you to follow, nor am I going to ram some sort of nutrition conspiracy theory rhetoric down your throat. Eating better simply ain’t that hard.

In other words, Bodytribe has a new program, named after a simple maxim that trainer Allyson likes to say. So starting July 5th, and convening every Monday night at 7pm until the end of August, the Eat like A Human group will meet.

No diets, no fads, nothing freaky, scary or intimidating. We’ll talk food, we’ll plan food, we’ll even eat some food, share some food ideas and simply learn to enjoy food… REAL food. The stuff that fuels our machine and can keep us lean, happy and STRONG! You wouldn’t be scared of that, would ya?

Contact me for more details.



This Saturday’s Tune Up:

SANDBAGS! Throwing around strange objects, fighting gravity’s dogma in odd, unique ways has always been our thing, right? So why haven’t we ever held a sandbag workshop? We were the first gym in Sacramento to use them. We’ve featured them in our videos and even our last DVD. But why no workshop??

Because no sandbag we’ve ever made or bought has ever lasted long enough for us to build a decent supply to keep on hand! But that has all recently changed, as we were introduced to the Alpha Strong sandbag and haven’t been able to do any damage to these yet. So since we’re darn sure these will be around a while, we figured it was due time to throw a little sandbag lifting party, and you’re invited.

Here’s the deal…

I’m not a paid endorser of these bags, but I am thrilled enough with them to sing their praises. I’ve invited the company to bring some extras down, so not only will we have plenty on hand, but if ya get a hankein’ for one of your own, they could probably part with one if ya have the ducats. We’re also going to be filming this workshop as a possible instructional DVD for their company, so be prepared to see a camera or two if you decide to play with us.

For those of you who have been to the past workshops, we say THANKS! We’ve been having a really good time at these and hope to continue them far into the future!


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  • Veronica

    “strength is not feminine”

    pshhh. Just ask the husband of any female athlete. Strength and endurance on the playing field is very transferable. 😉

  • John

    I think Veronica’s statement is 1000% accurate.

  • Allyson

    So many reasons that not pursuing strength is like an act of highway robbery on your own self. …And your partner. Heh.

    But if strength is reduced erroneously to an aesthetic, as it seems to be for a lot of women, I love Bonnie Prudden’s retort: Under every curve is a muscle. No muscles, no curves.
    (At least not the kind ya want, or the kind that lasts for too long!)

  • JustinP

    Gee, thanks ladies and germs, for giving me the feeling that all of the good stuff is over there after I just jumped on a plane and headed a few thousand miles in the exact opposite direction!

    Seriously, thanks for showing me around! It was a real pleasure to meet the crew! As far as I’m concerned, you’ve got an awesome place to train. hopefully I’ll be back in town soon with a healthy body, time on my hands, and wheels to get around in!

  • Andy

    I suppose if I don’t want big, bulky muscles I could always try the Shake Weight. It firms and tones your arms and makes your muscles longer and leaner. Seriously … your bones actually lengthen and you get taller with longer arms. And your muscles are totally lean, with none of those pesky fat deposits found in the muscles of icky strong people. It’s science. I know, I saw it on TV, right after the A-Team rerun on USA (The A-Team is real, too).

  • Mike B.

    I completely agree. I’ve also noticed that in addition to people being afraid of the process of gaining strength, but they are just plain lazy. In a society where everything is all about convenience and overnight success, we have been conditioned to desire what I call the “drive-thru body”.

    That being said, can I order the shake weight online and have it delivered directly to my front door for a one time low cost including S&H?

  • Andy

    I used to have a drive-thru body. Then I quit eating at the drive thru twice a day.

    Sorry … couldn’t resist! Shake Weight! Booya!

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