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Today’s workout:

Snatch. Heavy. 3,2,2,1,1,1,1 progressively heavier, and attempt to repeat your heaviest weight at least twice.

Clean, Jerk, Overhead Squat. At the same weight, even a bit heavier, than your max snatch, clean the bar, jerk it, then lower it behind your head, widen your grip and push it up for 2-4 overhead squats.

2-3 sets

Soren Kierkegaard: This is today’s version of this combo… at the end will be listed the alternative version.

Three lifts, all with the same kettlebell: high pull, front (goblet) squat, swing.
In between each lift you will alternate between either a running lap around the gym (120 feet) or a lap of sled dragging.
the rep scheme: 7, 5, 3, 1, starting with a moderately heavy kettlebell and increasing the weight each round.

Round one looks like this:

7 high pulls
sled drag
7 goblet squats
7 swings
sled drag

then bump up the weight and reduce the reps to 5. Get the picture? By the last set, you’ll be doing 1 really heavy rep of everything.

The alternate version is to start lighter at 11, or even 13 reps. This is good for a workout unto itself, but a bit much at the end of a heavy force day.



I Against I

Scarlet, my new foster child introduced in the last blog, has a knack for picking movies. Staying conscious through even the opening credits isn’t her thing, since once she gets comfy, the girl is out cold. But she does pick her proposed bedtime watching with aplomb, and we share very similar tastes.

(yes, she still needs a home)

Last week she was adamant that we watch a documentary on the X Games, that quaint sporting freak show that brings together a handful of folks who are more daredevils than athletes, more magicians than competitors. The how-they-do-that? quotient peaks the scale higher than any David Copperfield show, in fact begging the question how do they come up with the IDEA to do that?


Well, Scarlet had spoken, so my old Mac tickled Netflix’s fanny and soon I was streaming a high octane documentary about the 2008 (or 09… I’m not sure) X Games.

Ever wonder how the brave (and loony) souls who do back flips and such on motorcycles practice these moves? My curiosity was satiated when the movie begins with one of the best in the world, a Trent Reznor meets a 12-old Danzig-looking, quiet spoken adrenaline junkie whose name escapes me, practicing a move never seen before into a big foam pit, only to be lifted out by a crane. Now this trick supposedly trumps a double back flip in difficulty, which seems to be the most bitchin’ stunt up to this point, although my untrained eyes were partial to the absolute weirdness of someone flipping over a couple of times 60+ feet in the air backwards. That just looks ridiculous.


So these guys rarely ever practice the trick on solid ground before the contest. They make sure they feel confident landing in a pit of pillows and then pray they’ll nail it on the dirt. Yikes.

I won’t spoil the outcome for you (sure I will… he nails the new trick and wins the gold), but the training sequences got me giddy, due in no small part to the well crafted narration.

The featured philosophy of the of the flick was that of independent competition, man (or woman) versus himself (or herself). Sure, there are other competitors to best if that gold medal is to find a home around your neck, but like strength sports, the competition is mainly you versus gravity. Nobody else’s outcome has much effect on yours near as much as your own.

The narration went on to explain, and I thought beautifully, that if your competition is you, then your enemy knows your weaknesses. Doubt can turn to fear. He’s in your head… literally.

(if the title of a Bad Brains album was a bit esoteric a reference for the title of this piece, then maybe a mid 80’s movie reference would fit better. Enemy Mine? Get it? Please?)

Too bad Scarlet couldn’t stay awake for this one either, although it might have been to heady for her. She just likes to watch people do cool shit, and all this talk about personal empowerment through intensity sounded too much like the crap I spew all the time. Yawn.


But she would of enjoyed the drama that unfolded on the Mega Ramp. If you know not what a ‘mega ramp’ is, it looks a little like this:

Yeah, there’s an X Game event for this thing.

One quote from the movie that I kept I kept in my head during the Redwood Empire Championships last weekend was:

“He thinks about gravity as some people think about evolution… it’s just a theory.”


Thanks to our overseas sister Gubernatrix for pointing us to this video. Strong women doing cools things:


No workshop this weekend, but Allyson will be teaching next week’s Tune Up. Clubs: from Basics to Brutal!


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  • Jack

    Hey Chip: Scarlet is beautiful! Hope she gets a home soon or you can be her permant dad!

    Just wanted to tell you I just read your note to Matt of Strength Shop. Great advice! Huge fan of Matt’s work. Can’t imagine of all the crazy shit that you two can come up w/together.

    Also, I got to train with Tav a few times here in Southern Cal. Great and cool dude! Looking forward to him opening up his studio soon.

    Small world…

    When is Brutal Recess coming out?


  • chip

    Hi Jack. I’m so glad you and Tav met. He’s one of the good guys, for sure. I’m not sure what will become of the dialog between Matt and I, but it can’t be anything but groovy.

    Brutal Recess is out by August 1st… or so is the plan.

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