A few of our favorite things

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Today’s workout…

David Hume

Deadlifts. Heavy. 3 reps
Sprint the gym (in Bodytribe terms that’s 120 feet with a turn in the middle)
1-arm DB Snatch. 5 reps each side
400 meter run (half block on I Street for Bodytribers)
5 pullups

4 rounds for time


“Promise me you’ll always remember you’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

– Christopher Robin to Pooh

A few of our favorite things

Bodytribe exists in constant change. From the strength, performance and body composition of individual members to the topographical landscape of the gym itself, the tribe is in flux. Although it is never boring, it always a little weird.

Part of this change is the continual expansion of the our brand of silliness to new places around the globe. This month Austin and Phoenix, and over the next few months, our Brutal Recess workshops are traveling through cities across the U.S..


It feels like time to catch up a little. With new members constantly flowing in, a small roster of new apprentices beginning their twisted journey with us and a steady stream of new friends around the globe, it might be necessary to compile a small list of essential reading – a Bodytribe Primer, if you will – for folks who want to dip a little into what we babble on about all the time.

Quick summary of the majority of what you’re about to read (if you dare click on the links below):

Fitness = personal empowerment through movement.
Personal empowerment must equal tribal empowerment or it doesn’t exist.
Hence Fitness = tribal empowerment through movement


Yeah, it’s a lot of thinking about movement and strength. Most of us reading this already MOVE, but to receive maximum bang for the buck, we’d better start investigating the WHY behind the WHAT.

What is a Tribe?
The Full Circle
The Beginning: the Story of me and Sherri the mountain
There is no perfection, just Purity
When Tribes Bicker
How We GPP (a lengthy post about our program design)
Facing the Conundrum: We have to move because we DON’T have to move
Effort Over Outcome

That’s a start. An ever growing tribe of contemplative, moving strength addicts is more fun than I’d ever imagined (and I’ve imagined some serious fun, like eating ice cream on a rollercoaster), and I thank you all for being a part of our family.



More updates and info next week!

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  • Craig in Seattle

    Hell yes!

    Y’all rock. A lot.

  • ultrafknbd

    It’s an honour to be part of this family. Wait. Hopefully, I’m considered some kinda six degrees-ish friend-of-a-friend who’s related to what’s-their-name, right?

  • Daniel Holt

    Chip, is that you holding the kettlebell? If so you look much different than you did last year.

  • chip

    Craig: word
    Fred: part of the family indeed. word.
    Dan: Nope, that’s Josh, and that picture (heck, most of those pictures) are from the Strength Rituals DVD. word.

  • Daniel Holt

    I was reading in Arthur Jones original classic bodybuilding books that they used to do Standing Presses instead of the clean and jerk. Did lifters still clean the weight in the same fashion, and is the form for the press different at all from the military press? Do you include this exercise in your tribe?

  • chip

    There were three official Olympic Lifts from 1928 through 1972: clean and jerk, the press (which also included a clean), and the snatch. Simply put, get the most weight over your head three different ways…

    from the ground in one movement

    The press was eliminated in competition because the judging had become lax and the press had become less than strict, and considerably dangerous. Hence the two lift sport we have now.

    Heck, in the 50’s instead of asking how much one benched, the common gym greeting would be “how much do ya press?”

  • Daniel Holt

    The style of bench press you teach was also something that used to be a part of Olympic Weightlifting? Why was that lift removed? Are there any common issues that people have with the lift?

  • chip

    the bench press was never an olympic lift.

  • Justin_P

    I thought I’d find a video of Julie Andrews singing on this post…. I’m disappointed 🙁

    Other than that, good post!

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