You are how you move

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You Are How You Move

The Tucson sky is huge in the summer. It sings, weeps, screams and sometimes just gives you that weird raised eyebrow thing that The Rock used to do all the time. Having a camera is almost a bane, since each moment seems more glorious than the next, and ultimately you question if any picture can do the Heavens any justice. There is an odd grace in the sky’s enormity, like watching divinity dance in high heels. You envy the movement and change it perpetuates. And don’t get me started on the fear and excitement of freedom and limitlessness.


All the pictures here were from Allyson’s lens. Tucson offered too many things to take in with eyes alone, although documenting it properly seemed almost impossible.


So what’s stopping you? What’s keeping you from dancing like the sky? Tucson asked this question, but with different words. The landscape wasn’t the only one talkin’ either. The queen of fitness, Bonnie Prudden, was holding court, along with her trusty adviser, wizard and best friend, Enid, and there was a roomful of us listening with open ears and minds. They do this sneaky thing, Enid and Bonnie and their trusted helpers. They collect a handful of folks who are willing to learn Myotherapy, a pain relief technique pioneered by Bonnie and practiced by physical therapists and massage therapists around the world. Then they teach the REAL lesson that Bonnie has been cultivating during her 96 years.


Why do we hurt? Often from enveloping ourselves in play-less lifestyles that seem to covet chronic pain. “But I workout,” you scream! Sure, but do you PLAY?! Do you twist and roll and flip and jump and, ya know, have FUN? Good… now check those around you.

(one of our playtime adventures, this one in the far northern Reaches of California)

Enid, who danced and jibbed and played us all through the drills, moves agelessly, despite probably approaching 60. She moved as a child and gave the movements the levity and youth they deserved. Our grace should match hers, despite anyone’s chronology, and whether everyone could or not, this group seemed inspired enough to at least strive for a little more pep in their steps.

The call of the iron did beckon while in Tucson. Bodytribe was represented on this trip by Terri, Allyson and I, and our digs turned out to be a condo at a golf resort through some kind of magic that Terri wields. There was iron hiding here at the resort, and not just the kind ya hit little white balls with. It wasn’t a difficult search, and soon I was with Barbell and all his heavy friends.


Now keep in mind, a Bodytriber’s forays into other modern commercial fitness facilities are rare. We’re not used to being the strongest, loudest, most intense person in a room like this…and I’m talking about Allyson. We’re usually surrounded by strong, intense kin in our own sanctuary, so being the only folks doing any actual work… well, it creates a weird vibe. Seriously, after spending a weekend dialoging about play, this little fitness center might have been one of the least playful places I’ve ever been. It reminded me yet again of the wit and wisdom of Bonnie Prudden…


Bonnie Prudden and our crew. This was about a year before she died at the age of 97. We were honored to get to know her during the last two years of her life.

You are how you move.

So who do you want to be?



Happy Birthday to Me

For all of you who helped me kick off the beginning of my 5th decade on this big blue ball, I give a huge thanks. Turning 40 was a warm and wonderful experience (as well as cold and painful, being pelted with over 400 water balloons!), thanks to my tribe. I’ll continue to strive to inspire you as you continually inspire me!



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  • Dean

    Happy 40th Chip, see you in Bklyn, hopefully

  • chip

    I hope so. Be there the first weekend of October!

  • Steven Rice Fitness

    Studying with Bonnie? Awesome! What’s she like, what did she say, how much can she squat?
    Are you becoming a soft tissue guy Chip?

  • chip

    This is the second time Al and I have spent time with Bonnie. The first was interviewing her for my documentary, and we got to spend 2 wonderful days chatting with her. She’s a legend, and brilliant. I’ll blog an entire post about her at some point in the future.

  • Tav

    Great post Chip. Great imagery and emotion. Happy Birthday again. Hope to see you soon.

  • Betsy

    Happy belated birthday Chip! Sorry I missed it. Sounds like you’re out having fun and learning and in general having a blast living life.

  • bob miller

    Yea Chicago looking forward to that I’ll keep an eye when!

  • Matt B

    Great job today at the meet! All 3 of your C&J’s looked strong. For my 1st time attending, that was really cool. Some really strong kids at Sac High. Wow.

  • Gubernatrix

    Lovely post! Reminds me of Cornwall and the effect that the landscape had on me there – big sky, tons of light as Cornwall is a narrow peninsula surrounded by water. Yes, it does have an effect on your movement.

  • Dan

    Much belatedly,

    How do you use the Bonnie Prudden information in your fitness work? Do you recommend her books or other materials?



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