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Today’s workout:
Box Squat Max.
Walk out/partial squats to pins (125% of max squat)/HEAVY KB Swings, 10 reps. 2-3 sets
Brutal Recess combo: 1 KB of moderate weight…
KB Lateral Clean in Cossack Squat
Lateral KB swing halos
KB Up Dog/Down Dog/High Pull Burpees
Run the gym.

5 each, run, 4, run, 3, etc.




No Sleep Since Brooklyn

We’ve got some catching up to do, you and I. As I’m chatting, I’ll randomly scatter pictures that Allyson took of our Brooklyn adventure throughout. But feel free to abandon this page if the desire to spend some time on any of the links I’m about to post seems too tempting. The adventures that have presented themselves to me recently are not unlike pilgrimages, each one bringing together not only entire gyms and collections of people sharing a passion for the strong stuff, but bringing soul, brain and body all to the same playground and, being the old friends they are, letting them climb, crawl and collide like the children they strive to be.


(NYC subway playtime)

First off… STRENGTH CAMP! It’s real soon, in fact two weekends from now, just a tad more than half a fortnight. There’s a chance we’ll dive in to some of this…

Sign up info can be found here.


(Brutal Recess workshop in Brooklyn)

Saturday Tune Up: Bands and Pins

A heavy barbell can be a panacea for what ails us, if we’re inclined towards a little halterophilia. Tickling our spirit by competing with gravity pays off in dividends that transcend the tape measure or the scale. You know this. But what happens when gravity gets the best of us, too often for it to be a fluke or ‘bad day?’ The reasons could be plenty, but one tip would be to alter your battle plans by working with gravity, not against it. If the squat rack is handy, the utilization of those pins can create little war games with you and the bar, connecting the mind and body in new strategies for increasing your lifts. Grabbing some of those giant rubber bands that we have hanging on the wall can do the same thing. This Saturday we’ll show you how to play with these techniques to add new levels of intensity to your training. 10-noon. $10 suggested donation for members, $20 for non-members.


Brutal Recess DVD

From Singapore to South America, Prague to Portland, the Brutal Recess DVD is making its way around the world. In fact, Portland, via the voice of the Mighty Kat, had this to say about Brutal Recess:

The basic tenet of physical fitness is that the rest of the individual improves along with the body – the intellect, the psyche, the spirit. While Conrad provides us with a celebration of the human body and the triumph of strength and movement in his videos, the videos themselves provide us with the marvel of fully realized artistic and physical human potential.

Thanks Kat! Check out the rest of the review, as well as her wonderful website, here, and pick up a copy of her wonderful novel Doubting Thomas while you’re at it.

(I believe this was our good friend Margie’s shirt)

Oh, there is more to chat about, but I’ll save some of it for next week. Meanwhile if you happen to be near any of these areas in the upcoming months or years, say hi to any of these people. They represent the ever growing Bodytribe network…

Austin, Texas:

Westlake CrossFit. Say Hi to Joss or JeVon.

Bootcamp U: Owner Robyn Pettinger is letting me play with her crew on Saturday, October 30th at 9am.

Stark Center. The largest Physical Culture Collection in the world. We owe Jan and Terry Todd a big nod of approval for keeping the history of strength alive.

The Old Texas Barbell Company. One of the coolest gyms in the world, right in Lockhart, Texas. Stop in and visit Mike Graham… he’d be happy to chat about anything strength.

Fort Collins, Colorado:

Emergent Fitness. Say hi to Chris Brown, one of the most intellectual and spiritual strength seekers I’ve met so far.

Southern California:

CrossFit San Elijo. Say hi to Erik Preston, one of the good guys, with motivation and a smile for anyone.

Desert CrossFit. Say hi to Cheryl Cohen, who has no problem adding a bit of creativity to her intensity.

And ya all know Tav at Ritual Fitness.

Portland, Oregon:


Well we already mentioned Kat, but let’s not forget Tyler Welch and Second Nature Fitness, who is currently training at Recreate Fitness, where much of our Brutal Recess DVD was shot.

(Me and Tyler in Brooklyn)


Gotta admit I fell in love with this town. The people to say hi to when you’re here are all at CrossFit South Brooklyn. David runs the show, with Margie, Shane, Jeremy and a handful of other folks making this one groovy little pad. Thanks to Christine and Carlos for the awesome sleeping accommodations. Here’s some more of our trip…

(hanging around post-workshop)

(Carlos swings)

(looking longingly into a vegan ice cream store)

(Margie and her kettlebell)

(Jeremy being filmed for our upcoming KB DVD)

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  • Colby

    Can we get some of those pull up bars that you guys are hanging around on after the workshop!!! Those look FUN!!!

  • chip

    they’ve been designed and will be part of the new expansion.

  • Mike B.

    Narnia is going to be sweet.

  • Robyn Pettinger

    Thanks for the shout out! The Boot Camp U community is excited to have you. We can’t wait for you to initiate our tribe!

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