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Good Tidings


I love a pure tradition, despite my lack of religiosity. Even the phrase “good tidings” makes me want to deck a hall or two and participate in some caroling. Lights, laughter and giving are quite groovy, whether there is a religion around it or not. Very little about our current idea of the Christmas story is actually in the Bible, but that’s not the point. It was a pagan holiday usurped by Christianity, but that’s not the point either.


Let’s celebrate each other. That’s the point, and there’s no way I’ll bah humbug that.

And, yeah, it’s youth that plays; it’s being young that celebrates exciting traditions. ‘Tis the season for the perpetual kid in us to strive for that joy.


I hear ya, grumpy. We should be digging ourselves, each other and this planet beyond one day a year, you say. It’s just a bunch of crass commercialism, you say. I hate fruitcake and plastic statues in yards, you say.

No doubt. But having an annual reminder in place that we’re all in this dance together, that we all have meaning, purpose and influence on the tribe, ain’t a bad idea. Do we screw it up a bit? Nah, leave that for those who need an excuse to gripe, those who can’t get their rocks off moving, sweating and enjoying themselves and their abilities. Meanwhile, let’s walk together, rock together, eh?


Happy Holidays. And if you do wanna celebrate by adding to your arsenal of groovy stuff, far be it from me to stop ya. Here are some ideas for some self-giving after you return the Twilight DVD (ya already have two copies), or the new Lynkyn Junk CD (someone will be quickly dropped from your ‘friends’ list for this mistake):

Let’s talk books for now…

The Daculi Witch Chronicles by our buddy Kat Ricker. I have all of Kat’s books, and will recommend all of them, and here’s her newest. Dig it like I do.

Never Let Go by Dan John. A collection of essays by a passionate strength coach who is humble enough to understand that there is silliness in seriousness.

This is an exciting era for physical culture history and research. Four important books have emerged in the last few years that all work in harmony at explaining the highs and lows of the history of strength and what eventually became the fitness industry:

Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors by Randy Roach
Muscletown USA by John Fair
Mr. America by Mark Adams
Legends of the Iron Game, Vol 1-3 by Bill Pearl

Bodytribe has put out a few items as well. They’ll be on sale until the end of the year.

(from our recent Overhead workshop)


Here it is…Upcoming Stuff!!

Starting February we’ll be offering 2 types of memberships. We’ve been the only true physical culture gym in California (perhaps the US) to offer an open gym membership. But our group training and classes have grown over the years, so we will begin an extended membership with a complete class schedule as well. We’ll have a limited class schedule throughout January for members and friends to try at no extra cost, then a full schedule with lots of options and original programming beginning in February.

So we’ll be posting the limited January schedule at the beginning of next. The February schedule will include morning, noon and evening classes everyday, with class options on weekends as well. Oh, it’s going to be fun. We’ll keep you updated.



January (and the beginning of February) is Kettlebell Celebration Time. 5 weeks of KB workshops! 10-noon every Saturday throughout January (except New Year’s Day), and the first week in February. I’ll put this simply… we have the most experience with kettlebells in Northern California and we have the most innovative KB program in the state. So it would behoove anyone with even a passing interest in this tool to come play with us a bit. Check out our events page for more details, or just look to the upper right hand corner of this webpage for the events list.



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