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Matt doing the pullup part of the Lao Tze combo

Today’s workout:

light leverage club warmup (video soon)

Jerks. Heavy. Try this progression…

Strict press, 6, followed by 2 jerks.
Strict press, 3, followed by 2 jerks.
Repeat, slightly heavier.
Then aim for a heavy single strict press, followed by 2 jerks.
Jerks, sets of doubles, progressively heavier.
No singles today, just work up to a 2-rep max.

Brutal Recess:

Burpee/ring pullups 5-10. Jump from the burpee up the rings (be careful) for a pullup. Muscle up optional.
Inchworm pushups. 30-60 feet.
Run the gym.
Repeat as many rounds as possible for 10 minutes.

Inchworm pushups seen at 4:30 of this video



What a job. I get to assist people in becoming stronger. My role may not be much more than simply pulling up a seat to watch a comedy/drama/thriller/documentary about a growing relationship between someone and their body, but once in a while, when the credits roll, there’s Bodytribe listed as gaffer, or assistant to the grip, proof that we got to somehow be part of the show, the star-studded extravaganza that we’ll call You.

Krissy beginning the journey towards a max effort get up

What a job. I point and grunt a little and somehow that eventually translates into a more capable member of the tribe. If only I were that magical… truth is all the work came from you, but us pointers and grunters at Bodytribe (genus: Trainerasaurus) are sure glad to be part of your journey.

recent KB workshop

What a job! I’m just surrounded by inspiration! Our gym has been torn asunder for an expansion over the last few months, and those responsible are quick to take their time putting it back together again. But despite the mess, dust and chaos that used to be our sanctuary, the tribe continues the pursuit of strength.

Matt likes to multitask

Bodytribe: where we paint the walls with your blood… and smile about it.

This creates a premise in my little trainer brain. The relationship between a person and their body, their physical being, has a direct correlation with that person and their other relationships (interpersonal, spiritual, intellectual, etc.). Oh, I won’t wax ridiculous about this now, but the glaring story around these parts is the relationship between folks and our tribe. What good is strength and ability if it doesn’t mean the strength and ability of the tribe? We don’t know, because all we see is strong people doing good things.

Everyone, young, old and canine, is coming out to support the transformation of the Tribe

The strange coincidence of the week, which I’ll expose in a moment, needs prefacing. My writing style, as obviously brilliant, enlightening and humble as it is (uh…), doesn’t flow out of me like a stream of genius. In fact, I have to reach into my bags of tricks (the nickname for my brain) in phases. There are a lot of painful pauses during the writing process, often occupied by food preparation, making baby talk to the closest animal, pacing around pretending I’m not watching last night’s Conan episode on the internet, or reading what other people write, all to make it seem like these breaks are intentional, when in reality, my bag of tricks is simply empty.

So, in between one of the above paragraphs, I decided to read Dave Draper’s weekly newsletter. Take a look:

The obvious truth is you and I take care of ourselves so we are more able to take care of those around us. We are extraordinarily generous and considerate people, like a breed of our own. We lift weights that we may lighten the load for our neighbors. We eat healthy foods that we may care for the ill when they grow faint. We seek longevity because someone must attend the aging and failing in their time of need. We sleep, rest and relax with peace-loving diligence that we may serve others tirelessly. We, through our consistent exercise, develop discipline, patience and compassion, needed character qualities when called upon by God and man to mitigate strife and negotiate peace.

See. I can’t even paraphrase that and call it my own, like I usually do.

Our relationship with our health and ability of our bodies translates to the relationship we have with other aspects of our lives. And all the support we’ve gotten through the crap we’ve been dealing with during our expansion just proves that our tribe is strong and good. Thanks.

Our new combo called Terri Licks The Kettlebell

But what does all this expansion eventually turn into? We’re starting another form of membership. We’re putting a class schedule into place. Almost all of our trainers have been working with groups for years, yet we’ve kept in the realm of personal training. But now we’ll open up some of those groups to a new membership. It will officially launch in April, but we’re having a special sneak peek in March. The full schedule will look like this, with more classes added as the months go on:

M-F 7am
T/Th/F 8am
M-F noon
MWF 1pm
M-F 6pm
Sat 9am

If popularity dictates, we’ll add a 6am, and probably a second evening class, and several of our trainers are already coming up with additional ideas for times and types of classes. As April approaches, we’ll keep you updated.


Through March, if ya wanna test the waters, MWF finds us at 7 am training for upcoming powerlifting meets while never neglecting the other aspects of out abilities. Even if you don’t want to compete, this is a complete package to simply make you a more capable human. All levels of ability welcome.

TThF has an advanced group training at 8am. Although open to newcomers, these folks work hard and move fast, so we advise that you to have a few hours of serious Bodytribing under your belt before playing with this crew. They won’t eat you alive, but ya wouldn’t want to slow them down.

MWF 1pm. This is our weightlifting group with the focus being on the competitive lifts, The Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Not so much a set workout as an opportunity to practice, gather tips, ask for instruction and throw some weight around. We have suggested workouts posted, but they’re optional.

These are all open currently, and there will be more added to this for March, including some evening classes, but if you’re looking to start working with groups, this would be a good way to start. It’s $125 a month for the new complete membership (still gives you the open gym as well), and there is a year-long membership available for a big discount. Please feel free to email for the details at

Yes, intensity makes us this happy around here


This weekend we begin the February Weightlifting Workshop Series. As our Saturday Tune Ups for the month of Feb, we begin with the Snatch! We’ll break down this lift to be understandable to ANYONE. Our amazing technician Trainer Allyson, along with yours truly, will be handing you the keys to the basics, or helping tweak the finer nuances of an already existing snatch. Come play. $10 for members, $20 for non members.

in case you haven’t seen this yet… I’m gonna use every chance I can to throw this into a blog

STRENGTH CAMP coming in April. More details next week! But feel free to clicky here for more upcoming events.


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  • Steven Rice Fitness

    Very informative and well done video, thanks for your efforts.

  • Steve

    You guys are inspirational. I live in the far reaches of the UK, where there is nothing like your centre… i can only wish! I’ve ordered the Strength DVD for some inspiration! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Andy

    You’re right, Steve. We are lucky, but none of us lays claim (not even The Leader … yeah, we’re pretty much a cult) lays claim to the philosophy that comprises Bodytribe. All you need to play along is a few select heavy items, a few like-minded friends and a couple of dogs and cats.

  • Justin_P

    Miss all of you ladies and germs and dogs and cats and paint and construction dust already!

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