Organic Machines vs Manufactured Machines, part II

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Fred presses, Sotts-style.

Program Design

Dull, droll, humorless, perhaps even completely ignored, program design seems to get little ink compared to the exercises, tools or techniques within the program. But program design is, as mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, one of the four horseman of the training quadripartite. From all over the crazy proverbial maps do ideas seem to come from, ranging from… well… none, where randomness prevails, to strict, where a program might be mapped out for weeks or months in a linear progression formula that only a computer might understand.

Sometimes there are restrictions to only certain tools, techniques or movements, on the other hand contrasting chaos of trying absolutely everything all the time.

And of course, there is the middle ground to all of it. Not a bad place to pitch a tent and start a fire.

Ramon kills it at last year’s Strength Camp

In recent journeys…

I met a trainer who didn’t believe in squats. I read an article about how to do more work by performing reps badly. I watched a DVD about an entire program based on KB swings. I witnessed parts of an hour-long aerobics class done on mini-trampolines.

But then I met a couple who play outside for their workouts as much as they can, using little more than what nature provides. I read a post about a friend who’s transforming his gym concept to be more personal, more direct and hands-on. I helped film interviews with folks who train for carrying, lifting and moving weight that sometimes exceed half a ton. And I talked to someone about the legendary right of passage of stone lifting around the world.

Our documentary team interviewing strongman Derrick Poundstone

So many options of program design. Which do you think will create groovy relationships between mind and body? Amongst this blogsphere we babble a bit about personal and tribal empowerment through movement. Do all of the above ideas of program design have that potential?

Strongman Nick Best decides to end Bodytriber Russell’s life backstage at this year’s Arnold’s

That’s it. No rant, just placing some ideas in your hands to wrangle like so much silly putty. Meanwhile, as a friend recently reminded me…

See and be the positive!

a family who duck walks together gets strong together


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