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Movie Night

Do we have to workout ALL THE TIME? Heck no. Once in a while we should just get together because we like each other.

Or because there is a bitchin’ movie being projected on the walls of Bodytribe!

Saturday, July 1st: Riding Giants Big Wave surfing seems an appropriate topic for the middle of winter. See what amazing folks do with the power of nature.

Bring any chairs or food you want, but you’re more than free to sit on the floor and mooch grub off others as well. We are a Tribe, right?


Come see another movie with us, but not at Bodytribe.


My Heart Is An Idiot

Our buddy Davy Rothbart from FOUND Magazine made a film, and Bodytribe has a small part in it. Come see it with us at the Guild Theater, presented by Movies on a Big Screen. Here’s the scoop:

June 12th at 7:30 pm
Movies on a Big Screen

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