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4th of July DVD sale

Strength Rituals DVD and Brutal Recess DVD together for $50
(+$5 shipping nationally, $10 internationally).


International orders, click here:

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Strength Rituals DVD: 2-disc set outlining a bit of our methods and a bit of our madness clocking in at over 5 hours of material. Sure, it’s grainy, sure we shot it like a DIY documentary on a negative income budget, but it’s packed full of our unique physical subculture perspective. Barbells, clubs, bodyweight, kettlebells and sandbags all make an appearance.

Brutal Recess DVD: another 2-disc set, shot across the country on varying quality levels of camera equipment, continuing the documenting of our ever growing philosophy and methods. Merging mobility and rotation with gut wrenching intensity and creativity, these unique workouts are wedged between lecture footage about play, self-improvement and movement as a necessary cultural ideal. More of the same toys as in Strength Rituals, plus macebells and tires.


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