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I gave birth to this Bodytribe baby, Northern California’s hub for the Physical Subculture, over 12 years ago. We define strength as ‘ability’ and this is where folks come to get strong, in both body and mind (is there a difference? We don’t think so.)

I write. A lot. From online websites and journals to magazines and newspapers, as well as a book, with a second one due out later this year. This little gym of ours, and the unique philosophy we have, has also been featured in a bunch of articles and news shows, including the Sacramento Bee, Insight, The Sacramento News and Review, Elite Fitness Systems, Sacramento Magazine,, and Good Day Sacramento (and so many more).

Competitive weightlifting, strongman and powerlifting seem to be a habit of mine, as well as playful movement, like handbalancing, parkour and gymnastics. Researching the history of strength athletics takes up a lot of my brain space as well. Know your roots, kids… it will increase your passion. In fact, I have a new online show called Strength Rituals, featuring all the aspects of the modern movement world not found in popular corporate gym culture.

I’m working on my second book, asking the big question of WHY this strength stuff is important, and the third Bodytribe DVD should be out next Spring, as well as a new DVD featuring yours truly and training legend Dan John, who I teach with on occasion.

I know folks love to list their certifications in their bios, but those who practice this stuff to the degree we do understand that the certification industry is racket that does very little to reflect on the ability of a coach or trainer. No, really. Not only have I held more than 15 of them throughout my training career, but I’ve taught for certification companies. Behind the curtain of certifications is a silly place. Ya want to know what I’ve been certified in, feel free to email me, but listing them on a website is like listing you’ve graduated kindergarten. Repeatedly.In the real world, I’ve coached and taught hundreds of people over a decade and a half, through competitive sports or simply fresh off the couch. I’ve competed in martial arts, mountain biking, cross country skiing, powerlifting, strongman, Mas wrestling and weightlifting. Let’s not get the idea I was born an athlete, these were decisions I ended up making while steeped in adulthood. No natural gifts here except the desire to play and the passion for creativity.

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  • Ann Elliott Jordan

    Hi Chip, I am a childhood friend of your mother’s and uncles Tommy and Bobby. I am most impressed with what you are doing.

    I didn’t start to exercise until I was in my mid 30’s. I am 74 now and still working out with weights, matt exercises, core exercises with a ball. I have longevity in my genes, and want to be strong and ON MY FEET for as long as possible.

    My mother adored Ann and made us twin outfits for a May Day celebration in grade school. Your mother is so full of so many talents it’s amazing. She is good at so many things.

    So this is just a hello, and it is fun to see one of Ann’s kids. I have a son who is 50 and an electrical engineer….got his brains from his daddy. My husband is an art director with USPostal Stamps, and I am an illustrator…retired.

    My younger brother used to walk on his hands like this picture of you!

    Nice to meet you. nna (I am dyslexic and and mirror write) Your uncle Tommy and I both failed the 6th grade due to LD.

    • Chip

      Hi Ann! I’m visiting my mom in July. I’ll tell her we made contact (and see if she still has the May day outfit).

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