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Beyond Black Friday: Small Business Saturday shopping ideas


Ouch. There’s a burning sensation in my pocket, and I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with a recent trip to Saigon. It’s my very limited funds beginning to burn the proverbial hole right through my pocket. C’mon, the magic season is upon us. Aren’t I supposed to buy everything in sight? Isn’t that my patriotic duty?


Yesterday was the darkly named Black Friday. Although it sounds like a Depeche Mode song, Black Friday is much less gothic, much more ‘American’ than anyone wants to admit. Black Friday is what makes Holy-Crap-I’m-Broke January so wonderfully possible. Were you as excited as I wasn’t? So today, Small Business Saturday, we’re going to list the buying recommendations of Bodytribe for both your friends and those who might deserve some coal in their stockings. ‘Tis the season. Look… if it comes to the more traditional gifts, PLEASE shop locally. Show creativity and attention to loved ones and friends, maybe even taking the time to make something, when possible.

This isn’t always that easy for the discerning strength athlete or movements fan on your list.  The good news is most of the physical culture stuff is coming from homegrown companies that are run by ironheads and action geeks themselves. Supporting them is no ethical dilemma, especially the ones we’re listing here.

Naughty or Nice?

Our modern lexicon perpetuates an R rating when dealing with the word ‘naughty,’ but for our purposes, lets clean things up (for once) and realize the the origins of the word ‘naughty‘ is an abbreviated version of a phrase naught fremend, which meant ‘of no benefit.’ Ya know, good for nothing.

Now the quality of readership on this blog (all three of you) is of a high enough caliber to assume that you are probably not associated with too many of the naughty (good for nothing) types, my pure, clean and innocent readers. But no matter what, these recommendations will make anyone on your list a better person.

If someone you know is not embracing their Eight Fold Path and their dharma wheel needs spinning before they dukkha all over the place, then you can always buy them something sort of crappy, but maybe they shouldn’t be on your list at all.

So let’s focus only on good stuff. The Nice people on your list deserve quality (as do you), but since we can also be on a mission to improve the naughty folks, these suggestions could cover all your bases. So here’s my suggestions for the groovy Physical Culturalists on your list:


Of course I gotta start at home base:

Our DVDs and book are going to be on sale for a bit. This will be the lowest price they’ve seen yet, and there are deals if you start combining them. Open the paypal menu button on the Products page and see all the Specials.


Our extended family in strength Iron Online continues to grow and offer quality products, all of which can also be found on the Iron Online website.  You should definitely spend some time there. Although they are diligent about adding quality titles to their shop, one of my favorites is still:

Dan John DVD : A Philosophy of Strength Training



To our UK and European friends, since you happen to be not-so-local, but might be looking for some gear or a few good books or DVDs, Gubernatrix also has a good collection of buy-able wares for the discerning strength trainer. Clicky here to shop for good stuff in an entirely different currency.


We’ll be adding more Holiday ideas for the movement specialists on your list (like yourself) as the season continues. Stay tuned!!

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