Tommy Kono, here at the Tribe again

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Tommy Kono filling our heads with goodness

Every Augst, for about 5 years now, Tommy Kono  stops by Bodytribe and teaches us a few things. Don’t know who he is? Let me invite you take a look, through the  words of Clarence Bass.

This year we shan’t break tradition. He has written me how much he enjoys his visits here, but still not as much as we do. So he is returning this Sunday. I wrote a little about last year, mostly about how the growing interest in weightlifting in Northern California sure wasn’t apparent in the turn out last year. But those of us who were there walked away with  something special…

Once again Bodytribe was blessed with being able to spend some time with Tommy Kono, 2-time Olympic gold medalist and Olympic weightlifting coach for, oh, approaching 60 years now. The turnout was a motley bunch of varied levels of weightlifting prowess, but us Bodytribers like our history and philosophy as much as technique, so sitting at the feet of a true sensei (literally… on the floor right in front of him), who brought along his bag of sagacity and chronicles, was like Christmas in August (hey, it was my birthday week!).

Where were you today?

Kono taking us through the lifts

A big shout out to the true passion for strength and the sport of weightlifting that I saw today from the folks who did show up.  In attendance were folks from Elk Grove, Reno, and even Portland! Our buddies from the bay, Jim Schmitz and Butch Curry, two lifetime veterans of the iron game, can still recognize the bounty in hearing Tommy talk. You don’t see that from too many of the new-school coaches.  Perhaps a tad of humility amongst the dozens and dozens of newly manufactured coaches and gym owners could help create an understanding that even if they disagree with a few of Tommy’s points, there is still a trove of goodies to glean from spending a few hours seeing through his eyes.

So again, hats off to our friends, new and historic, that spent some time at the Tribe today. From beginners to competitors and coaches, there was a lot to take away. Although I always learn a lot from our friend Mr. Kono, today was also a lesson in culture, humility and friendship.

And I need to get taller on my second pull.

I’ve already received emails from new folks planning on joining the gathering this year, bringing open minds, wide eyes and big smiles to a rare, but wonderful, (and inexpensive!) learning opportunity. We look forward to seeing you this year!

Tommy Kono Speaks! 2012
Dress to lift, as he’ll probably stick around and do a little bit of coaching after his talk.
10am until, oh, when he feels like being done. Usually about a 2-hour lecture and some coaching afterwards.
$20. Yup, that’s it. But bring extra cash if you’d like autographed copies of his books. Email me if you’d like more info.

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