No really… what does Strength mean?

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Yup, we’re starting off this blog with a picture of my dog, for no other reason than she’s frickin’ cute.

No really… what does Strength mean?

To being a trainer there are four aspects…

Program Design

Wait… this is starting to sound familiar. Those are the Who, What, How and Why of training, you’re thinking, and I’ve written about this all before.

Yes. Yes, I have. There may have even been mention of how Purpose… the Why… trumps all else. Without the Why, the rest simply don’t matter. Oh, but therein lies a problem…

Without being steeped in this stuff, this movement and strength world, we have no idea how to formulate the Why. In other words, most folks can’t set actual fitness goals.

Hey, it’s not that folks are stupid or lacking goal setting skills. Well… not most folks. No, instead it is being hamstrung in spirit, being thwarted in mission, by a culture of anti-movement, and the profiting thereof. We can only create goals based on experience, therefore while coming out of the gates towards a fitness goal, the general population is caught in a net of fitness marketing. The fitness industrial complex, as I’ve written before, is based on this mission statement:

You are ugly. We can help.

As perpetual propaganda, how is someone new to this journey going to have any experience in true fitness goal setting? To be blunt, the majority of people stepping into a gym will have one goal big, fat, wallet-emptying goal:

Please make me more fuckable.

And ya know what? There is nothing wrong with that. Who doesn’t want to be desirable? But you know what humans desire in each other more than body parts and what the eye can take in (or nose.. mouth… you get the idea)? Strength. Don’t shake your head at me, child, the epitome of attractiveness is strength… at least to anyone who matters. But hold on… hold on! What the hell is Strength?

Not too long ago I was hanging out with some friends at Agoge Fitness in lovely Birmingham, Alabama. After a weekend of intensity, movement and other general physical subculture mayhem, I posed this question to them. Eventually we filled up a dry erase board with a collection of answers that had little to do with picking up something heavy, although overcoming obstacles seemed to be a major theme. Words like integrity, perseverance, respect and understanding filled this board as representations or displays of strength… what it means to be strong. Love topped the list. As it should.

Therefore, what is strength TRAINING? I’m guessing you don’t need it spelled out for ya. Be strong, my friends! Somebody who embraces strength, true strength as defined by my friends in Alabama and at most of the workshops I’ve had the honor of teaching, is far, FAR more… how shall we say it? Fuckable.

Because nothing is more attractive than simply being an amazing human being, capable of strength in its many forms; an important and integral part of your Tribe. Set your goals accordingly. And if your trainer isn’t helping you with this… find one who will. And as a trainer, you’re not helping your clients with this… better figure out how.That is step one of our Purpose… and nothing else matters until this is achieved.

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