Whatcha got in ya this year?

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Dan John and I have a joint DVD/download coming out real soon. Chronological traditional suggests I could use the first chunk of that lecture here on New Year’s Eve as a topical post about goal setting. Yeah, the timing is cliche, so simply promise me you’ll refer to this throughout the year.

The 7 levels of goal setting:

Last week we talked about fitness goals as the bridge between the Now and the Getting Laid, aiming for a space/time sweet spot known in scientific corners as Getting Laid Now. Sure, I’m paraphrasing, but as we’ll soon see, there is life – and goal setting – beyond this center of the universe called You. And yet… and YET… it is still, in the grand scheme of cosmic relatedness, ultimately all about You. And Me. Us, actually. But definitely You.

Now I’m going to present you with a task. Below I’m listing what I’ve witnessed to be the 7 levels of goal setting, beginning with the 4 physical levels and graduating to the 3 metaphysical. If some quantum physics theories can postulate on the number of possible dimensions being in the 20s, then I’m open to there being more levels than this to goal setting. But your task now, if you chose to accept it, is take a look at your goals, and plug them into these categories with some semblance of honesty. Whatcha got in ya this year?

Where do you think the lines between selfish and self-aware, between vanity and tribe, start to appear? I’m going with right after number 3 and right before number 4. Perhaps, as I mentioned in past posts, I’m trying to elevate the status of our little pursuits to something of higher mind, but don’t ya think if more folks were introduced, and understood, the last four levels of this list, the participation in our modern physical culture (not the fitness industry) might actually increase? But, as I mentioned last week, we as a culture aren’t exposed to enough of the potential of movement and strength as tools for tribal empowerment. Since we can only set our goals based on experience, modern goal setting is stuck to the messages of the scale and the mirror… pretty useless in the grand scale of things. Well, what are we going to do?

Our fitness epic consists a 3 stage mission: Initiating the Journey, Embracing the Journey and Embodying the Journey. Today we’re talking about the first stage, which includes goal setting…

Initiating the Journey

The Physical

1) Vanity: Me, me, damn it, notice me!! Ironically the motivation behind these goals are externally created, driven by the need, as I mentioned in the last post, to be liked, to be wanted. The scale and the mirror dominate the benchmark for these goals, and such ideals are created completely outside the soul, somewhere between the television and the magazine rack.

2) Not Dying: Move and eat right… or DIE! This is last-resort goal setting that is becoming a bit more common these days as the choices our western minds are choosing for our bodies isn’t in conjunction with what the body would chose, had it a louder voice. Well, even in its subtlety, the body can still say a lot, but often from the mouth of a doctor. Start moving your ass and fueling yourself properly… or you will die. Like soon.

3) Surviving: Fitness because you’re s’posed to. Part of the daily routine because someone somewhere said it might be good for you. Well, the obedient citizen you are will try to at least do it for that reason.

4) Thriving: Moving because ya dig it. Moving because you embrace the ability to do more. Moving for the joy of it and what possibilities are then available to you.

The Metaphysical

5) Participating: Purposely seeking movement as a conduit to other capacities. Moving for well-being beyond physical. Becoming an ambassador of movement for the tribe, and with the tribe.

6) Giving: From ambassador to teacher, from example to instructor, You give as you breath. Your strength is both a tool for personal embodiment and a tool for community usefulness.

7) Being: Movement and strength as a direct vehicle to becoming. You’re it, man.You’re on the bus. You’re one with the force. You have, as Lennon, and the Bhakti yogis, put it, come together. Mind, Body and Tribe.

Next week, we’ve got some more chatting to do. Meanwhile your task was explained above. Whatcha got in ya this year?

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