We’re BodyTribe Fitness, Sacramento ambassadors to the Physical Subculture. We’re a small, highly unique, but intense program created in Midtown Sacramento over a decade ago…a neighborhood strength dojo with an international reputation. We’re a barbell gym, a powerlifting gym, a kettlebell gym, a bodyweight gym, and so much more, all Sacramento.

Let’s just get this out of the way…

We DON’T have:

  • locker or towel service (B.Y.O.R., bring your own rag)
  • pool (but there’s a great puddle that forms in the alley during big rains)
  • a juice bar (we’re a gym, not a restaurant)
  • anything that even looks like an elliptical machine
  • A sauna (we actually work for our sweat)

We DO have:

  • World class trainers
  • Workshops most Saturdays for members and guests
  • The most unique program design concepts Sacramento has ever seen
  • Many opportunities to learn and grow
  • A welcoming family/tribal atmosphere
  • Books and videos

Sound like your thing? Contact us and start working on a better you today.

Jack, Tribal jumping expert, perched on the plyo box lecturing us on proper technique.

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