I gave birth to this Bodytribe baby almost 20 years ago. If we define strength as ‘ability’ then this is where folks come to get strong, in both body and mind (is there a difference? We don’t think so.)

I write. A lot. From online websites and journals to magazines and newspapers, as well as some books. The original BodyTribe gym location, and the unique philosophy that it grew from, has also been featured in a bunch of articles and news shows, including the Sacramento Bee, Insight, The Sacramento News and Review, Elite Fitness Systems, Sacramento Magazine,, and Good Day Sacramento (and so many more).

Competitive weightlifting, strongman, and powerlifting seem to be a habits of mine, as well as playful movement, like hand-balancing, parkour, and gymnastics. Researching the history of strength athletics takes up a lot of my brain space as well. Know your roots, kids… it will increase your passion. In fact, an old online show of mine was called Strength Rituals, featuring all the aspects of the modern movement world not found in popular corporate gym culture. Check it out.

Currently I’m moving, training, and still writing and making videos about moving and training, while traveling the country, while also building the upcoming teaching schedule with a project I co-founded with Dave Hall called Mental Meat Heads. You can find some of the past workshops online, or in DVD form, like this one with training legend Dan John.


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