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We’re BodyTribe Fitness, Sacramento ambassadors to the Physical Subculture. We’re a small but intense gym, highly unique, in Midtown Sacramento.

You can find us at
920 21st Street [Google Map].
in lovely Sacramento, California.

Contact us at
916 444 2384, (honestly, expect a much quicker response via email).

Our open gym hours are from 11 – 7 pm every weekday and the rest of what we do is by appointment with one of our 5 coaches. Contact us for more info.

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  1. derek

    Hey BT!

    I trained with Tav quite a while back and I’d like to get going again but I’m pretty out of shape so I want to take it easy at first. Where should I start? I feel like I need real instruction and I’m definitely prepared to make the commitment.


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