We’ve moved!!

1106 North D ST, #7  in lovely Sacramento, CA. Remember, that’s NORTH D street, not plain ol’ D street. And come around to the back door, which is an easier way to enter the dojo. We’ll post a user-friendly map soon of how to find us, since it is slightly tricky.

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E Pluribus Unum… a stronger Us = a better Tribe.

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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Tam (Tommy) Ngo

    Hi. My name is Tommy Ngo and I am interested in becoming a member of bodytribe fitness. I am aiming to become stronger and I want to learn proper lift forms of the exercises that are highlighted by the bodytribe gym. I am 23, 180 lbs. My only concern is that I cannot attend the foundations class on Thursday because it conflicts with a time schedule that I have. Please email e back and let me know when I can come to observe a class and gather forms. Thank you.

  2. ninja

    Tommy, we have a whole new schedule coming out soon. Come into the gym and we’ll make a time and date work for you.


  3. good afternoon
    I am and plan to buy your dvds and books but could not find a way to get in Portugal.

    Pedro Andrade

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