MOVE IT! The Spectrum of Strength Workshop Weekend

June 3, 2017 - 10 am


2 Days, 4 workshops, bonus lectures and games.

June 3rd

Maximum Results with The Kettlebell with Eric Kenyon. 10am-1pm
Strongman/Woman: Get Your Lift On with Clay Edgin. 2pm-5pm

June 4th

Hand Balancing Basics and Beyond with Daniel Spencer. 10am-1pm
Movement Play with Shira Yaziv. 2pm-5pm


are-you-useful-cover-frontAlso, FREE evening events, Friday, June 2nd and Saturday, June 3rd, open to everyone!
6/2 7:00pm: Mas wrestling clinic and jam
6/3 6:30-7pm: Q&A/book reading by Chip Conrad
6/3 7:00 pm BodyTribe’s famous Hot Lava Tag, hosted by Kyle Winchell



workshop all 2

An entire weekend of movement, strength, and play.

Both days, $150. One day only, $100


1 day or both


Maximum Results with The Kettlebell (June 3rd, 10-1)

The kettlebell is only a tool. It can be used well or badly, for success or folly. At this presentation students will learn:

  1. Kettlebell technique and programming mistakes that keep whole gyms and gym franchises weak and injured for years or even decades, and how to avoid those mistakes.
  1. How to not waste time trying to use a kettlebell for a purpose other equipment is better suited to.
  1. How to do the most game changing kettlebell lifts correctly.
  1. When to apply kettlebell lifts in order to take advantage of it’s one unique property.
  1. A basic understanding of the Soviet/Russian sports science that drives the black magic kettlebell results you’ve heard about, but maybe never actually seen or experienced.
  2. How to achieve more in your physical practice by turning your
    mindset away from equipment, or muscles and body parts, and toward results.workshop 8

Eric Kenyon is the physical culture secret of the Northern California mountains. He’s the movement and strength mentor for Form is Function in Nevada County, guiding all level of people to success in the physical realm. From Olympic and professional athletes to people who can barely move, Eric’s KB and strength skills have been making the mountains a stronger place. 



Strongman/Strongwoman: Get Your Lift On.
(June 3rd, 2-5pm)workshop 6

The mission for the workshop is to:

1) Provide creative instruction on some of the most groovy, yet technical events featured in many strongman competition

2) Teach training efficiency (train smarter!): Programming for the strength athlete

3) Make the most of the lifts, either for competition or simply personal, usable strength.

Other points:

• Why your straps are holding you back
• Nutrition for the strength athlete
• What is a “cardio” and how can I effectively avoid it?
• Do I need to wear a thousand dollars worth of equipment just to lift stones?workshop 5

Clay Edgin has been competing in strongman, powerlifting, highland games, grip sport, and most recently MAS wrestling since 2003. Featured in books like Strong, Stronger, Strongest and Strength And Speed by Dale Harder and on Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior” television show as their Professional Strongman. He has written for REPS! Magazine, fiveonfive Mag, and MILO: A Journal for Strength Athletes. Clay hosts strongman meets regularly throughout the year, as well as workshops and demonstrations, all at his strength dojo, Santa Cruz Strength.


Hand Balancing Basics and Beyond (June 4th, 10-1)workshop 2 copy

Learn Daniel’s Handstand process that he has shared with hundreds of students worldwide to get them working on their handstands and getting them away from the wall and freestanding in the middle of the room safely. The handstand just one of the key movement tools to help people get connected with their bodies. During this workshop you will learn:

  1. Head to toe joint mobility, move each joint through its full range of motion identifying ranges of motion that may be locked up
  2. How to warm up your body preparing the wrists and shoulders for the demands of inversions locomotion movements
  3. How practicing these locomotion movements will help you improve your mobility, body awareness, motor control and lay the foundation for the big body weight strength moves like press handstands, Handstand pushups and Planches. workshop 1 copy

Daniel Spencer is an international Hand Balancing and Movement Specialist and has a passion for sharing his love of inversions and mindful movement.


Movement Play (June 4th, 2-5pm)workshop 4

The class will be full of interactive games that will encourage you to move your body in new patterns, increase mobility and use your creativity. We will interact with a partner and objects that will create moving obstacles and opportunities for you to explore organizing your body in order to adapt to the constantly changing environment. Be curious about the possibilities of your strength. Be prepared for intense playtime, and the chance to see the world beyond the gym very differently.
workshop a
Shira Yaziv is the founder of the unique and empowering movement sanctuary Athletic Playground in Emeryville, CA. She has trained, taught, and played all over the world, recently hosting and instructing a week-long movement exploration camp in Costa Rica.

1 day or both

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