February 18, 2018 - 11 am


An unknown treasure just outside Sacramento for folks with a hankerin’ to play outside. This relatively small hike is expanded into a natural playground if you’re willing to explore. And we are. Things to climb on, jump off of, hold, see, and experience in this little historical gem of parks in the low foothills.

For everyone to get their move on and enjoy, on a sliding scale of ability. From a simple hike to fairly challenging climbs of trees and boulders, you choose your own adventure. As a tribe, though, we’ll still move through the terrain as one. There are a lot of options for all along the way.

Dogs are welcome (on leash), but keep in mind, if you choose to play a little more dangerously, so might they.

Meet in the quarry parking lot (easy to find on the googles) 11am.

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