June 12, 2018 - 5:30 pm

This is superhero school for those who don’t fit the gym cliches. If you nerd out over calculus vs geometry, Rousseau vs Wollstonecraft, Adler vs Freud, Samurai vs Ninja, Marvel vs DC, Tesla vs Edison, Stones vs Beatles, Star Trek vs Star Wars, then you’re one of us. Why not add Deadlift vs Squat, Kettlebell vs Barbell, or Clean and Jerk vs Snatch to your contemplative vernacular?

Since the grrls have their class at 7:00 (see Iron Grrls class), we figured sometimes the boys need to bond (but yes, girls can play too). This once-a-week strength training (and movement) clinic is for those of us who find the mind and spirit pretty groovy places, but maybe haven’t always given the body it’s fair shake. Or maybe gyms simply aren’t your thing, no matter what level of movement experience you have. Even if you already have a gym membership, we can steer you towards how to get the most out of it.

Taught by head geek, Chip Conrad. Consider this a bro-free zone (or we can reinvent what ‘bro’ means), a space where we don’t have to adhere to any stereotypes and can just geek out on being strong, just like we would any of our other passions. Build a stronger foundation for which to let your brain and soul soar.

Yes, we’ll chat about Dead Pool and Stranger Things, tip a 40 to Philip Roth and Tom Wolfe while still mourning Bowie, Prince, and Lemmy. We’ll brag about our 12th level magic user, and bitch about how Lovecraft was underrated. But lets’s get strong while we’re at it.

$10 per class. Every Tuesday evening. Sign up today.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

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