February 10, 2019 - 11 am


The return of our old school strength jam, taking our lifts directly from the pages of historical physical culture. 3 events, all a little different from any strength competition you may have seen or done before. And the big bonus: winner is based on percentage of bodyweight lifted. So no weight classes! Everyone is welcome to compete with no favoritism for certain body shapes or sizes.

The events, all have three attempts for 1 RM:
1) Barbell Get Up (and get down)
2) 2-Hands Anyhow
3) Pressing combo: Log press/circus DB press, both hands.
Some details (more to come):
Barbell Get Up: Begin lying down, barbell in hand, arm straight. Stand up and get back down, arm stays straight. Either hand per attempt, but at least one attempt per hand, if that makes sense. 60 seconds per attempt.
2-Hands Anyhow: A barbell and a KB must end up over your head, one in each separate hand. How you get them there is entirely up to you. 60 seconds per attempt.
Pressing Combo: Log clean and press (any style), immediately followed by Circus DB press, once in each hand. You determine the log weight, but the DB weight will be (as close as we can to) half the log weight. 2-hands to get the DB racked, but only one hand to press (any press will do, split jerk, push jerk, strict… whatever). Then, lower the DB down to the ground and repeat in the other hand. 90 seconds per attempt.
Don’t worry, we’ll fill ya in on more details soon. Signs ups on the BodyTribe website. $25 registration, plus free expo entrance for the day.
Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

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