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Geek Strong! Tues. evenings, 5:30pm
Iron Grrls Intro to Lifting! Tues. evenings, 7:00 pm
Hot Lava Tag!
Open Gym Saturdays! 9-11 a.m.

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Move. In many ways. There isn’t a single worthwhile reason to not embrace strength.

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Explore. Become.

Explore. Become.

Now let’s go into detail…

Bodytribe is Northern California’s hub for modern physical culture, where intensity, camaraderie and compassion create the ideal philosophy for the best relationship you can have with your body.  Our ongoing mission: to increase comprehension of the role of strength and well being in self actualization and our relationship to the community. That’s our idea of health… a holistic understanding of intensity and movement, combined with embodiment and nutrition. Physically, it’s as simple as The Big 3: Train hard, eat well, rest hard. Metaphysically, it is so much more.

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climb, lift, play.

It’s playtime. Hard, intense, empowering, life changing playtime! Although based in Sacramento, our network spreads across the country, with workshops and clinics from coast to coast, and our online show Strength Rituals.

Coach Allyson

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Get up. Get down.

We’re one of the very few places in Northern California that exists as a sanctuary for a philosophy. Not just a training hall for like-minded folks, but a dojo based on personal and tribal empowerment through movement. But this stuff is for anyone. Competitive athlete? We’ll make you better, in fact we’ll put our years of experience against anyone in Northern California. But if you’re new to movement and physical challenge, we welcome you to an exciting new journey. Many of our tribe have only recently embraced a passion for action in their muscles and minds as well. Somewhere in between? Prepare to increase your abilities and your awareness of who you are.

So we welcome everyone, but our unique program design requires that everyone get to know us and our concept before getting started. Technique and movement understanding are first priority for us, so let us introduce you to what we do.

Who we are
A community of smiles.

A community of smiles.

We are the modern Physical Culture, what we often call the Physical SubCulture. The body is a tool for greater purpose, not just the end result of your training. Therefore, training is the means to an increase in the quality of life through movement. The Physical SubCulture is the modern organized effort to incorporate centuries of physical rituals and beliefs in exercise and movement into an integral part of all aspects of culture. Whether through lifting heavy objects of all shapes and sizes or finding new ways to move the body by itself, the Physical SubCulture movement is about strengthening the spirit through pushing the limits of the body.

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