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We’ll do the programming. You get stronger. We’ve got the toys and the tools. You empower yourself. Wanna improve your competitive skills? We’re got plans for ya. Interested in just getting moving again? We’ve got your back (all sides of you, actually).



gym day 10One-on-one or small group training is the Bodytribe way. We’ve recently moved to 1106 North D Street, #7 (but come around back to the big roll up door), so for intense goals, more personalized treatment of your ideas and for the complete embodied journey, Contact Chip at for more info, or visit our trainer page for a peak into the minds and hearts of our trainers. Prices vary per trainer, so feel free to contact any of us with any questions you might have.

Group Training Programs
(for descriptions of the classes, see below)

MWF 7:00 am Strength Rituals (Chip Conrad)
MWF Noon Allyson’s Noon Group
MWF 5:00 pm Strength Rituals (Chip Conrad),
MW 6:00 pm Allyson’s Evening Group
MW 7:30 pm Group Strength Training (Kyle Winchell)
F 5:30 pm Allyson’s Evening Group

T/Th 4:00 pm Youth Parkour (Kyle Winchell)
T/Th 5:00 pm Playful Movement Class (Kyle Winchell)
T/Th 7:30 pm Adult Parkour (Kyle Winchell)
Tues Noon Allyson’s Noon Group
Tues 7:00 pm Iron Grrls Learn to Lift Clinic (Allyson Seconds)
Thur 6:00 pm Allyson’s Evening Group
Sat 10:00 am Adult Parkour Introduction classes. By Kyle Winchell.

 Class descriptions

Iron Grrls Learn to Lift Clinics By Allyson Seconds
Tues 7:00 pm
ALL LEVELS! Open to both BodyTribe members & non-members!

Iron Grrls is a drop-in lifting clinic for the women and girls of Sacramento with a friendly, fun and empowering vibe. The base beginner will gain confidence learning proper strength training technique and tool knowledge and the seasoned lifter can nuance a lift or learn something new.  The goal is for every Iron Grrl to know the how’s, what’s and why’s of training, and to walk in to any gym on the planet with confidence –and have the best lifting technique in the room.  Emphasis on powerlifting and weightlifting, pull-up & push-up technique, and strongman training, plus intense and playful aerobic movement. Education and discussion about women’s topics in strength training and nutrition is guaranteed and on-going!

Drop-in: sliding scale fee $5-$15, pay what you can!
A part of our BodyTribe Community Outreach efforts.

Youth Parkour.
By Kyle Winchell
T/Th 4pm
Ages 12 and up. Kids will be kids. You can’t stop they from monkeying around, so why try? Bring them here where they can learn to do it better and have a good time in the process. Through a series of drills, obstacle courses, and games, kids learn the fundamentals of parkour as well as develop a connection to their bodies that growth spurts and puberty have taken away from them.

Adult Parkour.
By Kyle Winchell
T/TH 7:30pm
Parkour is for everyone, not just for young daredevils. It’s a fun way to learn fall prevention and safety, improve strength and balance and most of all have a good time. Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, come try parkour and remember how much of a workout recess used to be.

Strength Rituals. By Chip Conrad.
MWF 7am
MWF 5pm-7pm
Well rounded, well programmed and playfully intense. Prepping folks for strength athletics meets, obstacle course races, or simply being the strongest person in your tribe. $150 a month.  Our programming template fits all skill goals, so every day there is a plan. And every day a Bodytribe trainer will be there to explain, teach and support. The plan is malleable, according to each person who walks in the door, so although it’s the same general outline, making it yours is a piece of cake. In fact we run weightlifting competitors right next to fresh-off-the-couch neophytes… hey, the basics in strength are the same for everyone.


Allyson’s Noon Groups & Allyson’s Evening Groups. By Allyson Seconds
MWF Noon
MWTh 6pm/ F 5:30pm

These are small co-ed group classes run with a personal training vibe and emphasis on fun and community. All levels encouraged, from base beginners to seasoned athletes. Focus is to explore the body’s skills and abilities, from playful movement to powerlifting, weightlifting, body weight, strongman training and more! Group members develop individual fitness goals and learn about programming to reach these goals. Nutritional guidance and discounts on BodyTribe Saturday MoveLab Workshops are included for further exploration of different tools and movement.

First group class drop-in is always free.
Drop-in rate: $15
Monthly flat rates: 2x per week $125/3x per week $175/4x per week $225

For beginning group members: 5 personal training session special for $225 prior to joining the groups or used within the first month. This is for anyone who wants to further dig in to form, goals and personal attention to enhance their group training experience.


Group Strength Training. By Kyle Winchell
M/W 7:30pm
This is a small group (no more than 6-8 max) open to all abilities. If you’re looking for the attention to detail (proper form, individualized programs, a trainer who actually knows your name…) that you would find from personal training but you can’t afford the price tag, this group is for you. Discover how strong you can be, and have a damn fun time doing it!


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  1. Chip, I have been an ardent follower of your site for a long time. I first found your vids on YouTube and have been following them for a couple of years.

    Your site is great and I draw a ton of inspiration from you all. Thanks for it.

    We have very similar beliefs. Perhaps that is what draws me to the tribe. I have a gym in Utah. GPP Fitness. Our site is Its small (5000sq/ft) and we see around 300 clients per day in 10 group classes.

    I’d sure like to meet you. Wondered if you’d be open to saying “Hi?” I love what you do and the thought of networking with a guy who isn’t entrenched in the CF mentality and has taken the time and effort to develop his own methodology, philosophy and techniques is awesome to me.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop line and let you know you are admired from afar. Maybe someday I can come to one of your workshops.

    Neil Anderson

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