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We’ll do the programming. You get stronger. We’ve got the toys and the tools. You empower yourself. Wanna improve your competitive skills? We’re got plans for ya. Interested in just getting moving again? We’ve got your back (all sides of you, actually).



One-on-one or small group training is the Bodytribe way. We’ve recently moved to 1106 North D Street, #7 (but come around back to the big roll up door), so for intense goals, more personalized treatment of your ideas and for the complete embodied journey, Contact Chip at for more info, or visit our trainer page for a peak into the minds and hearts of our trainers. Prices vary per trainer, so feel free to contact any of us with any questions you might have.

Group Training Programs

We have three main programs, one for each of our main trainers. Since the BodyTribe philosophy was the impetus for all three, the biggest difference is time of day. Each of the three programs has a beginner education package built into it, so all are welcome at any level. Here is the low down of each program…

1) Authentic Strength (with Chip Conrad)

Times: MWF 6:30-8am or 4:30-6 pm. Tues am Movement Jam 6:30-7, open gym/make-up 7-8 am/4:30-6 pm. Saturday Open Gym Jam 11-1.

About: On our path to building movement skills, we believe quality, presence, and awareness are as important as muscle. Chip Conrad, the founder of BodyTribe, describes the body’s need to move as imperative humanness. The goal of our training, therefore, is to create a solid foundation of strength and skill for you to explore from. We can say we train to get out of the gym. To go live. We ask the question “how do you do you?” Then we prepare you for it. Have the foundations of strength and movement to attempt anything.

We have a 3-day-a-week template, from which we can expand upon for individual goals. There are extra times for make-up training or just jams, with no agenda, just exploration. Also, every Tuesday morning (6:30-7) is a little movement play we call Yeah, But Is It Yoga. And Saturdays (11-1) offer one more chance in the week to covet your own strength. No agenda per se, but we often pull out some fun heavy toys which aren’t always as accessible through the week.



2) Embody Every Body (with Allyson Seconds)

Times: MWF Noon-1, M-F 6-7pm.

About: Take anyone and give them their body back. This program is easily catered to any individual. Education is a big part of the journey to understand one’s own strength. This if life preparedness 101 for anyone.

Also beginning January 16th will be a Tuesday night Iron Grrls class at 7pm. More info soon



3) Restorative Strength Training (with Kyle Winchell)

Times: MTWTh ay 7:30 pm

About: We are not our pain. We are not our injuries. We can heal, thrive, and learn. Most importantly we can embrace strength to avoid further injury. Prepare to explore by understanding you movement potential.


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