Are You Useful

The new book by BodyTribe founder Chip Conrad is finally here! Geared towards trainers and strength fans who want to flex some metaphysical muscle, Chip begins the foundation of creating a depth and purpose to your training philosophy. Think, and move better.

This raw DIY tome is a statement to the Fitness Industrial Complex. There is a better way, and you’re invited to create it.

This is not a programming recipe book. No set or rep schemes. No prescribed workouts. Instead you are offered tools for building your own foundation of purpose. Discover depth to your movement and strength practice.

Are You Useful? Currently on sale exclusively at

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Holistic Program Design

This is simple, effective, maverick programming. Ditch the hyperbole and cliches, just build a movement template. Here are the tools, you build the journey, for you or your clients. This is a free-thinkers recipe, some philosophical and physical guidelines you can take and grow into your own organic, free range, holistic super-hero self. Become the strength ambassador your tribe craves.

We’re delving into the Why behind strength just as much as the How and What. Filmed across the country, including sections from Bodytribe program design workshops, training the holistic athlete workshops and the original Strength Rituals training DVD.

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