The new book by BodyTribe founder Chip Conrad is finally here! Geared towards trainers and strength fans who want to flex some metaphysical muscle, Chip begins the foundation of creating a depth and purpose to your training philosophy. Think, and move better.

This raw DIY tome is a statement to the Fitness Industrial Complex. There is a better way, and you’re invited to create it.

This is not a programming recipe book. No set or rep schemes. No prescribed workouts. Instead you are offered tools for building your own foundation of purpose. Discover depth to your movement and strength practice.

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Our hugely successful Holistic Program Design video series on sale over at our Strength Ritual site! Download our 4-part Holistic Program Design series,  AND the amazing 2-part Tommy Kono Speaks series for your own holiday treat!

Visit the Bodytribe Product Page at VIMEO  for videos you can download.


shirt-1HOODIE PRE-ORDER!! The BodyTribe hoodie is returning. A classic zip-up hoodie with an updated design. Logo on the front, along with “Sacramento,” on the back: “You matter, treat yourself accordingly.” Place your order by Nov. 27th and have it WAY before Christmas.

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