Chip Conrad

handstand bridge 1

Chip gave birth to this Bodytribe baby, Northern California’s hub for the Physical Subculture. We define strength as ‘ability’ and this is where folks come to get strong, in both body and mind (is there a difference? We don’t think so… Continue reading ?

deadlift allyson 3bwAllyson Goble

Allyson Goble laughs at bad jokes, has a hankering for documentaries and dance shows and can actually squat so deep her butt touches the ground. An artist (with an art degree from Davis to prove it, and many professional photography … Continue reading ?


Kyle Winchell

Kyle excels at teaching foundations and body mechanics. He believes that no one is too deconditioned, or old, or weak to enjoy the benefits of movement.The gym is a place for anyone to come to and learn to be strong, and he wants to guide you down that path. His playful attitude toward movement and calm demeanor … Continue reading ?


Haley Gonzales

Haley wants to work with you if you are new to strength training, a competitive runner or anywhere between! Her background as a runner will benefit any burgeoning or seasoned runner looking to be a stronger, injury-free athlete, as well as any and every body looking to explore strength and movement. … Continue reading ?



Out of Sacramento

tav 9bbwTav Byerhoff

Now representing Bodytribe in Southern California I first came in to Bodytribe while pursuing my degree in the Exercise Science program at California State University of Sacramento. I quickly fell in love with the philosophy and community of the tribe. … Continue reading ?

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