“Whether your goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon or be able to play with your kids, being strong is for everyone.”  -Haley Gonzales, BodyTribe Apprentice turned Official Trainer

Haley wants to work with you if you are new to strength training, a competitive runner or anywhere between! Her background as a runner will benefit any burgeoning or seasoned runner looking to be a stronger, injury-free athlete, as well as any and every body looking to explore strength and movement. Beyond training for multiple half and full marathons, countless 10 & 5k races, she has successfully rehabbed her own running related injuries, has become a stronger runner, and wants to help you do the same. Haley has been involved in all aspects of the running world – from working for Fleet Feet Sacramento, and currently Blistering Pace Race Management, plus the Sacramento Running Association, which puts on one of Sacramento’s largest races, The California International Marathon (CIM). Almost a decade ago she was a spectator at CIM and witnessed the runners crossing the finish line for the first time herself. She saw their excitement, felt the excitement of the crowds and the feeling of community, and knew she wanted to be a part of it. But for Haley, what began as a spark to start running turned into a love for all types of movement.

What may have influenced her the most in terms of exploring strength and what our bodies are capable of doing was seeing her uncle after becoming a quadriplegic after being hit by a car. She realized how fragile life can be, and gained an understanding that we should never take our abilities for granted. Haley believes, “We should appreciate even the smallest thing our bodies do for us every single day. Strength training is nothing if you’re not practicing mindfully. There is a deeper reason to want to be strong other than wanting to look a certain way, and strength comes in many forms – it isn’t just lifting heavy weights or being a fast runner.” This growing philosophy meshed perfectly with BodyTribe Fitness where she became an apprentice, and is now an official trainer.

Contact Haley at haley.bodytribefitness@gmail.com for a consultation.

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