Kyle excels at teaching foundations and body mechanics. He believes that no one is too deconditioned, or old, or weak to enjoy the benefits of movement.The gym is a place for anyone to come to and learn to be strong, and he wants to guide you down that path. His playful attitude toward movement and calm demeanor allow his clients to enjoy exercise instead of laboring through it.

“I’ve had two passions for as long as I can remember. My first passion is for movement. As a child, I spent more time in trees and on the roof of our house than I did on the ground. When we went swimming, my parents had to institute timeouts for me periodically to warm up, because I’d get so cold that my lips and fingernails would turn blue and my teeth would start to chatter but I still wouldn’t get out of the water. After watching Jurassic Park for the first time, I spent about a week as a ‘velociraptor,’ stocking my prey, and even reenacting the T-Rex – velociraptor fight scene, with me as the velociraptor, and my dad’s blue pick up truck playing the role of the T-Rex. Moving was the most fun thing I could imagine, and I did it at every opportunity I had.”

“My second passion was for teaching. In learning, there is a moment of understanding, when everything clicks into place and all of the sudden everything makes sense. It is quite separate from memorization and is accompanied by a feeling of power and accomplishment. It’s that ‘Aha!’ or ‘Eureka!’ moment that comes from mastering a concept. I found, at a young age, that I could help my friends reach that moment of understanding by explaining things from more than one point of view. Where Josh might be fine with the abstract concepts of mathematics, James might need things explained in terms of dollars and cents, and Kevin might need things explained in terms of concrete objects like marbles or apples. Interestingly, I found that I got the same thrill of victory from helping teach a concept, that they did from having mastered that concept.”

Kyle and Allyson practicing acro.

Kyle and Allyson practicing acro.

“Teaching here at BodyTribe combines two of my favorite things, making it just about the perfect job for me.”

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